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Cape Epic 2020 – EF Gone Racing


The Cape Epic is the world’s toughest mountain bike race. It pits participants against eight days of relentlessly rough South African terrain, with almost constant climbing and descending, and searing temperatures. There are no support cars and no mechanical assistance here. Racers compete in pairs, relying on their teammates, and sleeping beside them at organised camps between stages. To tackle the Cape Epic, you’d better be more than just teammates but firm friends as well.

In Lachlan Morton and Alex Howes, EF Pro Cycling had a duo dialled into the demands of mountain biking, and the scene was set for another alternative calendar escapade. But then the news broke…

In this episode of Gone Racing, we bring you the story of the race that never was…


Music: Builder’s Tea –
Cover photo: Gruber Images


About the alternative calendar:

As part of the EF team’s partnership with Rapha, riders will race a calendar of alternative, mixed-terrain, multidisciplinary events throughout the 2019-20 season. From mountain bike epics to week-long ultras, they’ll all captured in special episodes of EF Gone Racing. First Dirty Kanza and GBDuro, Leadville 100 and Cape Epic

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  1. Keren Wang says

    What's the song called from the beginning?

  2. Rob Lennon says

    Burbufbhhfehfbhiuvgi dfgui g if gi& gsdivbgeid fbigervygywuyubgvigibg2vbbaeybcydaebycdwbqucwdioqbuqechuewqdupqehdwuwhpdueqphqdwuewphqdpuehcphupewchqqeupchphcuehwupiwfheuiwpqhfuphuewphfuewiphfuieqwhhfqbohu.

  3. tgoods504 says

    These guys have amazing perspective

  4. Amanita Muscaria says

    Too loud music ruins a bit from other exxellent video.

  5. Jonny Steel says

    This is the best thing to watch in cycling,the guys are both entertaining and humble.

  6. Mieke says

    12:02 you are in Nederland? Wow, there actually is a place called Nederland somewhere outside of Nederland. Wild.

  7. EJDM says


  8. 1badcrossfitter says

    I could listen to these guys talk bikes all day. The love they have for this sport is so genuine and pure. Hands down one of my favorite series

  9. justin stepchuk says

    What’s the song at 1:23?

  10. rswc55 says

    These are just simply brilliant and beautiful and inspiring and…and…and…

  11. yumyumhungry says

    A bummer that this virus affects us all, but we'll be back! Just hold tight and stay safe for now.

  12. twyfordlion says

    The riders and team on EF are true cyclists and fans if the sport. Bravo everyone.

  13. Andrew Smalley says

    Absolutely love these videos. Great to see thoughtful, beautifully shot videos from a really human perspective. Well done.

  14. Laucycle says

    I love your videos, they're amazing!

  15. shayne compton says

    I love listening to these two talk about what they do and their life. Keep it coming.

  16. Anthony Homer Cycling 尤薩 says

    Too bad you did not come to 2019 Taiwan kom. I was waiting for you. ?

  17. Greta MT - Berlin Cycling Videos says

    Nice one!

  18. Jonathan Chester says

    Boo – what a waste of 20 mins. Gonna go stare at my bike instead

  19. Tom says

    The EF alternative calender is hands down the most inspiring thing in professional cycling. I bloody love it!

  20. Zachary Smiles says

    Fresh perspective….loved it fellas! Thanks!

  21. gamby16a says

    Phenomenal as usual.

    Very interesting that Alex and Lachlan weren't too broken up about the cancellation. I guess when it's a job it's easier to detach from it?

    Looking forward to the salvaging of the alt calendar. I'll be here to watch.

  22. John Dorney says

    Damn this virus. We will ride again. Some day.

  23. davidvonslingshot says

    How awesome it would be to chew my stem behind Locky or Howes……. Chewing it behind Woodsy was kinda tasty…. #omnomnom

  24. Zbynek Simcik says

    best series on the internet!!

  25. Dirk Schuer says


  26. Dirk Schuer says


  27. Dianalund Vandværk says

    Great video. Was looking forward to EF doing the epic. Did my first Epic in 2010 and after seeing you plans to race, I was so excited to see it from your perspective. Do it next year – there is a Good reason why the race is called “Epic”

  28. Hector Cortes says

    Great inspirational videos top job guys

  29. Mark Hall says

    Glad he cut his sleeves off fashion for long sleeves on Jerseys is a joke. Great video though. ?

  30. Austin Powers says

    So AWESOME!!!!!!!! Please more!!!!!!

  31. Jonathan Lee says

    Alex and Lachlan are fantastic examples in the Pro Peloton. Love cheering for these guys ?

  32. Evan Segimoto says

    Would love to see these guys compete at the Downieville Classic!!

  33. Braŭljo says

    What are those hydration packs called?

  34. Bill in Houston says

    Interesting watching these guys look ahead to retirement at a young age. Our job, if we have jobs we enjoy, is so much of us. When you leave that, what do you do? And you see it in the eyes of these guys who are at the end, and you hope that they don't end up on drugs or doing something self-destructive. They both have so much energy and so much left to give that you hope they find an outlet for it.

  35. Exceed says

    That new cannondale scalpel is so hot…

  36. ian tosh says

    Top geezers!!!

  37. Brian Hackathorne says

    Great videos as always. Are those prototype new Rapha cargo bibs?

  38. Ezekiel Barnett says

    pretty good video, but kindof clickbait

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