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Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?


This fashion stylist is being put to the test! Can she tell the difference between the real vs. fake designer bags?

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Johnny Valencia

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  1. The Global Excursion says

    What type of straight dude am I watching videos like this ?

  2. ••French•• Toust•• says

    The 2nd girl is OT ACTING

  3. Caitlin Murray says

    I could literally tell that the gucci bag was fake just by how clearly the girl was lying about how she got it

  4. AmyX says

    Kate Space outlet mall purses are a bit lesser quality than retail.

  5. Victoria Marie says

    Webbing on Gucci is usually three stripes she knew she just didn’t want to hurt her feelings because she said her friend got it for her lol

  6. Dendi Kurniawan says

    she got right for answering mid-high end brand, but failed for the entry-level brand. ?

  7. 67BudD says

    Kate spade is very cheap anyways you can get Kate spade at marshalls/tj maxx for less than 100$

  8. ethrze says

    Do this with a bag expert?

  9. Blicce says

    Damn people spend way to much money on materialistic things! Men and women. When I was younger my things were Jordans, spend like $200 every other month, I stopped doing that a while ago. But dayum 1k plus for a damn bag. Wow. That’s damn near a months worth of rent!

  10. Cameron says

    4/4 bitches !! Yaaasd

  11. Jax Rodriguez says

    The Gucci bag doesn’t even have the right stripe lol ?

  12. Flop YT says

    You said the Kate spade was fake and then real

  13. KingTato says

    Wow that was hard because the green and red was hard to see on the gucci

  14. Penguin says

    8:29 9:05 wait tf shouldn’t that be 4/4???

  15. Tan Yu Yang says

    The gucci bag matched the girl's story – fake

  16. Nina Asmat says

    This girl is better than the guy that guesses about the fake shoe.

  17. Casey Marie says

    That “Gucci” is a shame. If she likes it, good for her but ouch.

  18. Kairon Cabaylo says

    When I saw that Kate Spade bag I was thinking to myself "… I think that's real" since Kate Spade bags are quite simple and calm yet expensive since in the UK my mum only finds bags that are over £100. Realising I was right.
    BTW can I just say that the bag is probably real anyways since her mum is a shopoholic or whatever meaning she has the money to buy it without realising and not only that the mum maybe asian since the daughter looked asian and you know what that means she is probably smart and has money.

  19. Jayl says

    Lol i wish we do more of this. I got 4/4 from just looking through the video. The design of the Kate spade is odd, they wouldn’t make fakes that wouldn’t sell through it’s usually the trendy designs that are popular. So I thought real.

  20. Daniels Kitchen says

    Me: 100% real
    Her: Its fake
    Me: I know right! I knew it. Its soo fake.

  21. Jaenz Luvyo says

    That Kate girl , why is her hand looking weird @9:24 ??

  22. JOSHO says

    So is the Kate bag real or fake cuz they badged it as fake and then she said it was real

  23. Hello! I am tired says

    The women waiting are being measured the entire time

  24. Official Wes says

    Makes no sense that she isn’t allowed to touch the bags

  25. Taneisha ivory Flores says

    They should have added a birkin

  26. Erfan Ballew says

    9:26 maybe it is the fact that I have gone without sleep for 30 hours but I am pretty sure one of her arms is bigger than the other

  27. lydia f says

    the gucci bag girl was enthusiastic in a really weird way

  28. Glizz9 says

    Why do they make all the girls like just stand there in the back watching, that’s so awkward and tiring

  29. RedLink says

    what the .. the last girl has the fake bag too 8:28

  30. angelina m says

    They said the kate spade bag was real, but then they said it was fake?

  31. Jaden bourne says

    the whole of r/fashionreps is laughing at how bad the woman is pretending she knows if she can tell if its fake or not

  32. Bill Nguyen says

    I don’t get why people buy fake things

  33. ldyluv6988 says

    The Gucci looked the most fake

  34. LALAT_IDJO says

    Fake or real its oke as long as you happy

  35. Chrissy Alien says

    If you’re reading this your beautiful no matter what any one says ?❤️?

  36. Mystique 3 says

    Me: I can tell them easily on which one was real and which was fake


    I’ve seen way too many Kate spade bags (my mom is crazy about them) I don’t care what the stylist says right off the bat that bag is real


    Gucci is 100% fake

  39. Lommy says

    The emblem on the Chloe bag is how they are designed.

  40. Lommy says

    Wow is the woman in yellow a professional liar? Such people are creeping me out.

  41. angelring101 says

    I returned my first Kate Spade bag because of the diagonal seam on the strap and they sent me a new one with the same thing. It must just be how they do it.

  42. Nikko Jones says

    no on is gonna make a fake Kate spade

  43. Vân Anh says

    I knew the kate spade was real. I have seen a lot of kate spades and most of them dont have many hardwares which is why I dont like them. I feel like the handles should be made out of metal and not leather. The crossbody strap can be leather but not the handles. They look too flimsy and cheap.

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