Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?

This fashion stylist is being put to the test! Can she tell the difference between the real vs. fake designer bags?

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Johnny Valencia

View: Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?

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43 bình luận trong “Can This Fashion Stylist Guess Real Vs. Fake Designer Bags?

  1. Damn people spend way to much money on materialistic things! Men and women. When I was younger my things were Jordans, spend like $200 every other month, I stopped doing that a while ago. But dayum 1k plus for a damn bag. Wow. That’s damn near a months worth of rent!

  2. When I saw that Kate Spade bag I was thinking to myself "… I think that's real" since Kate Spade bags are quite simple and calm yet expensive since in the UK my mum only finds bags that are over £100. Realising I was right.
    BTW can I just say that the bag is probably real anyways since her mum is a shopoholic or whatever meaning she has the money to buy it without realising and not only that the mum maybe asian since the daughter looked asian and you know what that means she is probably smart and has money.

  3. Lol i wish we do more of this. I got 4/4 from just looking through the video. The design of the Kate spade is odd, they wouldn’t make fakes that wouldn’t sell through it’s usually the trendy designs that are popular. So I thought real.

  4. I knew the kate spade was real. I have seen a lot of kate spades and most of them dont have many hardwares which is why I dont like them. I feel like the handles should be made out of metal and not leather. The crossbody strap can be leather but not the handles. They look too flimsy and cheap.

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