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Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods


You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.

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  1. BadAssEngineering says

    Your Damascus Steel Knives are freaking fly

  2. Demitri Lucas says

    I have a idea pineapple + dry aged

  3. Clayton Boyd says

    Guga….I get confused with you. Sometimes you sear first, then slow cook….but other times you say you slow cook then sear. WHICH IS BEST?

  4. puneet soni says

    Why do you sound like Peter griffin

  5. DeSean Anderson says

    "cant mention names" tell me those names so i can avoid those places!

  6. Qwertu says

    Guga: Turns $1 Steak into Filet Mignon
    Me: Turns Filet Mignon into $1 Steak

  7. Carlos Alberto Martins Junior says


  8. laxattack032 says

    Enzyme. Not emzyme.

  9. neptune 11 says

    Im about to pineapple everything

  10. Juan Correa says

    i hope its the pineapple doing all the work and not the charcoal, torched wood, and smoker egg bbq. cuz all i got is a frying pan.

  11. Fear the Masters says

    Angel talks like he's not sure lol

  12. SemperSoullessStreams says

    The age old question is answered eye round is a shitty cut

  13. Babeena_Gt _ says

    I cut the eye round into thin slices and put it in herbs over night then put it in the dehydrator

  14. Bonsinious says

    The real question is who is giving this dude a roast for $1

  15. MEMBERS ONLY says

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    Good Luck! ‘Taken Movie Voice’ ?

    ???⚠️⚠️⚠️ ?? ? ? ? ?

  16. R Sukut says

    Grill marks, bud.

  17. Kabob Brewster says

    Eye of round is the best for a roast beef. Slice that bitch super thin, make a horseradish sauce, slice some onions thin, put on some good bread and you have a great sammy.

  18. Brooks Wheatfill says

    So close to 2 mil

  19. faroshscale says

    That raw steak before the dry aging looked so unappetizing. Like a tongue.

  20. ARMO GAMER says

    For this steak u should mix it with kiwi it makes the steak 100 times better

  21. Josh King says

    I gotta stop watching your videos late at night

  22. Ace D says

    Still better to just crockpot eye of round

  23. siezar d says

    I thought his nickname for his tenderizing hammer was pineapple.

  24. Rik says

    try dry-age an entire cow

  25. Fred H says

    Ustedes son Venezolanos…….

  26. S K B says

    Tenderize with pineapple and then dry age it

  27. Stoned Beaver says

    I wish I was able to get hold of a piece of meat like that for one dollar. The lowest price for eye round in Sweden seems to be around 12 dollars.
    If it were this cheap I would eat real meat more regularly.
    I have to stick to sausage, bacon, ground beef and ready made meatballs.

  28. ZytrixFN says

    When I tell u this made me hungry

  29. Miya says

    Why does this guy end all his sentences like he just told a dumb pun

  30. Not Gheezy says

    45 days?!!!?

  31. Zombies4EvaDude says

    What the heck it looks like a meaty tree stump

  32. נתי אביהוד says

    Love u pitter grifen man

  33. Chimp Panzee says

    As a average person we've always eat that steak and feel lucky to have that in a meal ?

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