Business and Fashion | Vlog 86

Hi Loves!

Last week we went to London Fashion week for the Tommy Hilfiger Show and Milan Fashion week for the Gucci and Prada show. I also talk about how I combine my time in between being an influencer and running a business. I hope you enjoy!

Much love, Negin

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  1. This is the BEST ever vlog!! OMG!! Slam dunk the funk and do a dance for me, please oh please let's be YouTube mates, forever and ever at least until next week Tuesday, lovely jumbley.

  2. Hi Negin,
    First of all, I love all your videos, keep it up.
    I remember, right at the beginning, you made a vlog about how you found out you had IBS. Would it be possible to talk about how you changed your diet accordingly and how it helped you to feel better? Thanks <3

  3. I’ve noticed (or at least in some photos) it looks like you have a nipple piercing.
    I’ve been wanting to get them done but I’m a bit scared. I’d love if you could maybe explain if it was too painful or the healing process of it.. thank youuuu gorgeous

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  5. I thought this video was more about bussiness… it would be interesting seeing you more like a bussiness woman video like day to day at Gisou instead fashion vlog. Anyway i like ur videos??

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