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Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show) [Live]


The live performance of Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” from the album ’24K Magic’ at the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show.

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  1. Luis SSJ says

    Mallll muy mala posición de Bruno

  2. Yanis Roca says

    Dude why tf are models in Bruno’s concert? How rude

  3. Aditya Sagar says

    I would have watched bruno dancing even if a girl ramp walked nude

  4. Ashley Curtis says

    I need him and The Weeknd to sing a song together rn?

  5. O G says

    You remember the three penguins from Madagascar, Bruno and the guys are givin me that vibe ?

  6. meiss76 says

    Bruno and his team so cute performers, can't stop watching ❤

  7. travis scott says

    If bro's before hoes had an anthem!!

  8. lucky williams says


  9. tsuki yuki says

    Who is the second model ????

  10. Janu says

    Damn woohoo

  11. Patricia Flores Garfias says

    Plis, alguien sabe cómo se llama la canción? ???

  12. Shantanu Khaparde says

    Pretty ladies and your ugly ass friends Lmao?

  13. Lucre late says

    Can somebody tell me what did they exactly said from 0.00 to 0.18? I did not understand

  14. The Leo says

    Anyone noticed at 1:36 it is not pretty ladies in the original song.

  15. Venom says

    zano, lo so che sei qui, ti vedo

  16. Anton Hilbig says

    smart be wearing sunglasses….

  17. xzxxy says

    That girl in the beggining lowkey hit that note

  18. Michael Momo says

    2nd and 3rd model is a 24k ?

  19. Kevin Huitzil says

    Can we appreciate the beautiful models and Bruno Mars and his crew but also wth the man that made this all possible the “camera man”.

  20. amira grant says

    nick cannon looking for his next wife

  21. Watch - Play Men says

    Stay safe & god bless to all ???????

  22. Jan Senpai says

    99% of the crowd looking at Bruno Mars while 1% at the ladies

  23. Nado JM says

    Adriana is too perfect for this world

  24. Tanya Hanna says

    Bruno Mars.. Victoria secret models..help Victoria Secret..my whole family.. prescription..the brothers Grimm..we accept free merchandise…????…?…

  25. Sherry Hutchinson says

    So Damn Hot

  26. Sherry Hutchinson says

    I am so in love

  27. Giulia Traub says

    Who is the first model?

  28. bubble butt says

    Bruno Mars’ in heels ?✌?

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