BREAKING NEWS | STEVE SMITH Ruled Out Headingley Test

Major set back for Australia as Steve Smith has been ruled out of HeadinglyTest.

England now has a major advantage.

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  1. My overwhelmed wishes are wishes with Steve Smith for his speedy recovery from neck injury very soon.Australia would feel alone without playing with him in the 3rd test at Headingly as he has that skills and technqiue which can change the momentum of the game any time.

  2. Bouncers are a part & parcel of the game but whenever a bowler hits a batsman on the head and he falls, courtesy requires that the bowler must go & check on him. It was not nice of Archer to just walk away while Smith was in pain. I was always the first one to run to the batsman. – Shoaib Akhtar

  3. Starc available hai next match ke liya kyoki nets me starc ne labuschagne ko grill me bouncer mara hai or langer ne bhi hint diya hai starc ko khelana ka or siddle ko back to back test match nahi khila sakta

  4. Ramiz bhai bahut bada fan hu m apka india se.. the way u analyses cricket is truly appreciable mera aapse ek chhota sa sawal hai..!! kya india ne cricket khelna chhor diya? ya fir apne unke cricket par analyse karke video banana chhor diya..? reply azrur kijiyega… ( bahut dukh hota hai yeh sb dekh kar)

  5. सर मेरा नाम राहुल है मैं इंडिया में आगरा से हूं सर मुझे आपका बोलने का स्टाइल आप की आवाज और आपका dressing style बहुत ज्यादा पसंद है हर मैच के बाद आपके वीडियो का बेसब्री से इंतजार करता हूं

  6. Really big loss.
    He single handedly carried middle order and also bringing most off the tail enders
    Now warner khawaja wade head Must step up to save Australia from humility

  7. As per my observation ur not posting any video on india series….so its look like you are not interested in India….as a indian m also not interested in you and your channel m unsubscribing your… channel

  8. Excellent comeback by England to atleast to level the series…
    This was the final option through which England can sustain…
    They passed level one now….

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