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Brazil 3-4 Messi ►The Day Messi Shocked The Whole World◄ ||HD||


Argentina 4-3 Brazil , Brazil 3-4 Argentina || Lionel Messi vs Brazil , The Day Lionel Messi Beat Brazil Alone All by Himself with a Hat-trick & Shocked The Football World ||

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  1. Mas Kanjeng says

    good job

  2. Alejandro Mazzotta says

    El mejor del mundo y de todos los tiempos!!

  3. Eduardo Augusto Neundorf says

    Messi y neymar jr desde siempre amigos.

  4. Datenschutz Datenschutz says


  5. Datenschutz Datenschutz says

    Marcelo @ 3:4 hahahahhahhhaahaahhahahaha

  6. Moni Biswas says

    Messi is my favorite player

  7. yes, um actually no says

    Tina Turner played for Brazil?

  8. Macaco do Sistema says

    im portuguese, love CR7, but Messi it will be always a legend for me, Grade S+ player

  9. Jose Antonio Muñoz says

    estaba en fuera de juego

  10. Steve Kahungura says

    The kinda team argentina has, from the defence, midfield to forwards, they should be world beaters

  11. David Hudson says

    Messi's third goal is awesome

  12. David Hudson says

    Counting just Messi goals it would have been a draw….

  13. lewstone1934 says

    They bullshit so much over the Brasil goal they totally miss the start of the Messi break….

  14. dancorb2002 says

    That last goal was like Maradona. Sorry to compare, but you just have to. Mara was better for country, but Messi been incredible for club. Both geniuses.

  15. 運幸 says


  16. 蓝月亮 says


  17. sandip shrestha says

    Be true, Brazil 3: 3Measi. Awesome hattrick.

  18. Petion Datilus says


  19. Juan Berlanga says

    jajajaja, el narrador dice gol de Jalk en el tercero de brasil

  20. Henning Andersen says

    SPOILER telling the result – idiots.

  21. Henning Andersen says

    wH Y NOT WRITE WHAT YEAR? and if it was an important game.

  22. 21_my_pobedim says

    Two of the three goals are assist by Angel di Maria + di Maria gave a briliant pas to Higuain to bring him one to one with the GK.
    Di Maria was the main component of that team. Without Angel they lost againt Germany in the final

  23. attk177 says

    Great match, but also some of the worst defending and goalkeeping I've seen

  24. Arsenal FC says

    Chills, just chills, that last goal… im still amzed there are deluded people who say ronaldo is better, he is not even close…

  25. singing DK 唱歌DK says

    Very love your channel more power to you ?

  26. Renato Toma says

    Arbitro 0-1 (off side!), Brazil: 2, Argentina 4.

  27. SuperKamiGuru says


  28. Leonardo Guerreiro says

    Brazil SUB-23 Olimpic !!

  29. ZinedineZidane says

    and he never won anything with Argentina…

  30. ZinedineZidane says

    first goal: offside by 1 meter????

  31. Ptao Tom says

    1:28 "Nosa Nosa, ai seuchi pego" xd

  32. Beni71727 Cor says

    Solo contra el mundo..?……. si solo Messi lo puede ….Messi…… the king…

  33. Venkata K says


  34. Adolfo Visca says

    Es un'extraterrestre

  35. Adolfo Visca says

    Es un genio

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