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  1. Real_ BiH says

    It's funny how AA9 sometimes picks the worst picks?????

  2. you're mum gae says

    Who drafted Yaya Toure?

  3. fxnnxc says

    Do it in FIFA 16

  4. fxnnxc says

    Bring back FIFA 14 draft

  5. jason smith says


  6. MATTINESS says

    who took sterling

  7. lilotron says

    who picked if oscar because i swear he wasn't picked

  8. IncontrolgamingHD says

    Zwe sounds different here compared to his current videos

  9. Evan Huerta says

    if oscar

  10. NoHam 4U says

    oh you did 

  11. NoHam 4U says

    you should have picked kagawa

  12. CJBeast says

    It's van persie

  13. 1psplegend says

    do another one of these but with imotm.

  14. Andreas Linder says

    Neppo is such a dick

  15. Tony Stewart says


  16. Nikoli Reznov says

    why did bateson get 3 back to back picks??

  17. Oliver Mccauley says

    FERDINAND IS BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gods My Slave says

    No one took Aaron Ramsey?

  19. Aaron Sinadjan says

    Win by a 4 goal margin by only scoring with your CBs.
    Prize: TOTY Sergio Ramos ps3

  20. THE DEAD APPLE says

    What website is this

  21. Pratik Kapoor says

    I really like All the youtubers in fantasy football but when wthe winners he doesnt really get a prize so I think he should win all the players that the other youtubers used. 

  22. LaFlameWRLD says

    7:568:06 zlatan ibrahimovic

  23. naeem bhana says

    skillz you should of got tots lallana instead of matic

  24. Fred C. says


  25. chris007 says

    Skillz i guarantee you cant score 7 goals in one game with a full american squad.

    Punishment: fifa 14 ps4 and if u can playstation network 12 month membership

    Im probably gonna keep posting this until you do it haha!

  26. Kieran Wright says

    liked ur vid

  27. Kieran Wright says

    i like ur vids

  28. Kris Rose says

    Use a full bronze non-rare team which has no more than 50 chemistry, and win by more than four goals. The prize is 800k on ultimate team. (Xbox)

  29. Eithan Kirkham says

    wow, no one picked tots terry

  30. aly ayad says

    AA u play League of legends!! Wht server r u on??

  31. Eric Tanguay says

    tots mertesaker 

  32. Vaporz says

    Did Benteke get picked?

  33. Tiarnan Sheehan says

    Was SIF cabaye taken?

  34. LukeFO04 says

    If fernandinho??

  35. TehBriskk says

    Surez wasn't taken?

  36. kbzz 950 says

    No one picked Bentner he's awesome.

  37. The King says

    How took Coleman

  38. Josh Neal says


  39. WanTeDZoMBiE says

    How do u do these do u have to get to get the players and buy em

  40. Jordan Gill says

    Boz Gregs I mean that he had a chance to take Hazard and he took Kompany.

  41. ben leka says

    Class 🙂

  42. Brenden Nielsen says

    SERIE A!!!!!!!!!

  43. Marco Speziale says

    Why havent u done fantasy football serie a?

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