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BOURNE TOWN FM20 | Part 152 | YOU'RE GONNA BE MAD… | Football Manager 2020


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A continuation of The Bourne Legacy, my tier 10 road to glory that didn’t quite go to plan, Bourne Again reboots the series as Bourne Town enter the National League North in tier 6. I suspect it’s all going to get a little harder from this point onwards! Today we face Sevilla in the Champions League and Leicester in the Premier League.

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  1. Sam Walker says

    I don’t understand how a striker that wins golden boot 4 times in a row can then be not good enough? He’d score more goals than any of the overs

  2. Joe Moralee says

    Soma is rubbish! Look at average ratings not just star rating!!

  3. Doug says

    Kev: "I like that Gomez is a great player with a low star rating; it means that big clubs aren't trying to buy him."

    Also Kev: "I need to get rid of Gomez because he has a low star rating. Also, why don't any big clubs want to take him?"

  4. Jonte Wicks says

    Will the Holme shirts be on sale a second time? Not on twitter and haven’t watched any of the streams for a while so missed the announcement but would love that third jeresey.

  5. Tom Blanchard says


  6. Big Kinger says

    Gomez getting loaned out to Wolves is the equivalent of Harry Kane getting loaned out to Brentford. I'm sure the board will be considering their next move, the fans are losing patience.

  7. Alistair Griffin says

    Gomez should be a club legend and be Sir Cristian Gomez

  8. Matt W says

    I'm not mad, Kelvin, I'm just disappointed

  9. Aaron Jenkin says

    dont even want to watch the video RIP gomez career!!!

  10. Mr. Ovalle says

    i know I've said I can forgive you, but the way you toss around Gomez's name like he wasn't trying to get you into the champions league is a bit harsh. he kept you in the premier league. he won the golden boot in the best league in europe FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. you treat him like he was a nobody who didn't help you stay in the top flight for four years? he didn't get an opportunity to win the premier league BECAUSE YOU DROPPED HIM FOR SOMA…which allowed Crnojacki and Cook to establish themselves in the system. Crnojacki and Gomez always linked together for 8-10 goals a season during his run.

    to recap; I'm not mad at you for loaning him…but when you went on to defend your choice and say that he wasn't doing anything to win you the league is just a rude thing to say for a club legend that your viewers will stand by until he dies…or retires. #gomezhazfeelingz

  11. l McCarthy says

    3 time premier league golden boot winner ends up in the championship ?

  12. Gerard Turley says

    Oh Kev you spoil us!! Triple whammy Tuesday. ?

  13. Malcolm Boyd says


  14. Malcolm Boyd says

    First comment

  15. Sam McKinlay says

    I think “sir” Christian Gomez is in order… a true club legend

  16. Paolo Zaffiro says

    Good to see Gomez doing what he’s good at and scoring goals again. I’ll never understand why he was so unceremoniously dumped after 4 golden boots in a row but Looking forward to seeing how Domenico and Sebastiao get on… Less said about Soma, the better

  17. Chellote says

    As always, Kev is sticking to his flops rather than the successes

  18. Oddly Specific says

    Gomez just deserves a chance to collect another golden boot lads that’s all, he fancies the championship one to round out his cabinet!

  19. Jack Melham says

    How is he not Sir-nojacki yet?


    Well, Gomez never playing for bourne again

  21. K W says

    You should at least knight him before you let him go – and get him back as a staffmember some day

  22. George BCFC says

    What gomez left!!! ?

  23. Max Coupland says

    Mr Kevin Chapman I will forgive you for loaning out Gomez if you give mitar and Gomez knighthoods

  24. creinstein says

    I'd trust the world team of the year over who you've got giving star ratings for your players tbf kev

  25. Uselessoldman says

    Did FM tell you to get rid of Gomez cos he proved single handed how bad the game is

  26. Lars Tuborg Madsen says

    Yeeeeees, Gomez out! What a fraud!

  27. ThreeRunHomer says

    The AI overvalues star ratings just like someone we all know. That’s why no PL clubs want Gomez.

  28. Subhajit Mishra says

    Sell Soma. He will never be world class.

  29. Uselessoldman says

    As I have said in a previous post, it was clear Gomez had the perfect stats for a "scoring" forward but since the game is so poorly programmed it neither recognized this or rewarded him. A bit like starting with your none league team who then get to the Premiership and have such poor attendances (and ridiculously silly small stadiums) , or choosing to play games at Wimbledon. The game has so many bugs considering how old it is, their lead games designer should be sacked – complete incompetence. Yes Soma and others have better stats, so bleeding what, NONE of them, NO ONE could score like Gomez did……… not an argument open to discussion but a simple FACT

    Would be interesting if you created another Gomez with his current stats at 19 but gave then him the chance to get to 200 rating where he would get. You should have gone into the editor and changed the stats, would that be cheating? or FIXING A BUG…

  30. Glen Stanbury says

    It is probably the right time for gomez to move on, but I think a retrospective knighthood should be considered. The process of becoming established big boys in the prem would have taken a lot longer without his golden boot seasons.

  31. Ben Thickbroom says

    Kev think of his performances not his star rating jeez has Domenico soma or any of the others done what hes ever done

  32. Carl says

    Kev I don't like the way you're treating Gomez. I might have to intervene

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