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Borderlands 3 | Gearbox Loot Covid-19 Relief Efforts | Digital Cosmetic With Donations!


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Covid-19 Digital Relief –
⭐Real Life Cloth Borderlands Mask⭐ –

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  1. y0himba says

    I donated as soon as I got the notification! Gearbox does it right again. Kudos to you man for supporting this and making a short video to promote it. You're a good man for not being afraid to speak up.

  2. Name is Rolf says

    Do these mask only come as a shift code or can they come as droppable to?

  3. Philbert says

    Does the Shift code for the in-game mask apply to only one character or all four of them?

  4. Four OverZero says

    Is the code for all the Vault Hunters to have a mask?

  5. Jake West says

    Thanks for sharing! Didn't know bout this. Just made a donation!

  6. Papa Shanghoe says

    If only there was a game worth playing I could use these in. I'll keep my money, they can donate some of the money they stole giving us this complete shit can of a game.

  7. 666mjams(MarcusUK) says

    Feels bad as I can't afford it atm hope they stay around for a bit as I'll be able to get 1 soon

  8. Gerbo says

    Its nothing but a marketing trick after all the fuckups they have been doing …

  9. Robert Romero says

    just bought a pack of 3 face masks. I dont know if it contributes but i dont play borderlands anymore so i dont really need the in game mask lol. Almost tempting to get back into just because of the mask hahahah

  10. V1ntic says

    2nd cuz I was busy

  11. Joseph Raymond says

    Who Dislikes a Video like this.? Thanx Term for the post.

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