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Borderlands 2 Soundtrack – DLC2 – Magnys Lighthouse Fight Theme/Music


Borderlands 2 Soundtrack – DLC2 – Magnys Lighthouse Fight Theme/Music

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  1. Nick Leone says

    Maya: second wind I'M BACK BITCHES!!! norfleet ablaze

  2. Twix Lp says

    Krieg stop hitting ya self!

  3. Lord Vader says

    that build up and drop tho…

  4. Deso Lark says

    Mr. Bubbles and Lil' Sis made me smile.

  5. Stinker4583 says

    Usually BL2 music is great bus this electronic crap just made my ears bleed. It dosen't even fit to the game.

  6. oniuserjh says

    damn minelayers 1 shotting me -___-

  7. Lucas Greene says

    great forced to comment with my real name also DUB STEP FOR THE WIN BICTHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Madrock says

    Been looking for this everywhere loved this music was sad it was so short. snice it was only for fights

  9. trashmaster789 says

    Damn that drop is sexy!

  10. Fishul says

    @bosston62 dammit deathtrap stop shooting your laser at me!

  11. southpark133 says

    Bloodwings theme and this one 🙂

  12. HISlawyer says

    I still think it sounds better with the sound of gunfire. But hay, thats just me.

  13. Adam Owens says

    Yote serah guns

  14. Dylan Hollywood says


  15. Adam Owens says


  16. Bosston62 says

    DAMMIT DeathTrap
    Stop recharging the enemies shield

  17. Steven Kos says

    What is this called?

  18. Terrence Starkey says

    Yoteslaya Yoteslayaaaaaaaaaa!

  19. Kira Yamato says

    This and Wildlife Exploitation combat music is fuckin awesome…

  20. Virck says

    Track stuck in my head, couldn't have a killstreak long enough to play even half the song though! D:

  21. GreenTea says

    well mr.torgue compaign of carnage is out xD

  22. petrus1981 says

    It is now! ^^ Onwards to the Badass crater of badasstitude!

  23. 1337Ox says

    yea really sounds like dubstep

  24. thatfineb78 says

    The build up is epic them fucking sex in the ears

  25. thebatman19g says

    thanks man you are great

  26. Mike D'Avanzo says

    I nearly spat my water out when I heard this epic dubstep-like combat music.

  27. Big Titters says

    if i would count the season pass and premier club then mechromancer would be the third and scarlet the fourth dlc. Im counting the bigger dlc's including the characters.

  28. Wolf Dark says

    I was going by content packages, not counting characters.

  29. Big Titters says

    Heh , you never found the op gaige smexy, to bad but not my problem.

  30. Wolf Dark says

    "DLC2"? Mate, DLC 2 isn't out yet!

  31. zombipuppy says

    I love this track. Keeps making me think of a barking dog when that one part comes on.

  32. Jean-Christian Mingallon says

    Thanks! I've had this stuck in my head since clearing this area. Great track.

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