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Boolean Logic & Logic Gates: Crash Course Computer Science #3


Today, Carrie Anne is going to take a look at how those transistors we talked about last episode can be used to perform complex actions. With the just two states, on and off, the flow of electricity can be used to perform a number of logical operations, which are guided by a branch of mathematics called Boolean Algebra. We’re going to focus on three fundamental operations – NOT, AND, and OR – and show how they were created in a series of really useful circuits. And its these simple electrical circuits that lay the groundwork for our much more complex machines.

*CORRECTION* AT 1:27 the graph says “Quinary System” but then the graph shows 10 possible states – which is actually decimal. Technically, there should be only 5 possible values there, but the overall concept is still the same.

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  1. CrashCourse says

    CORRECTION AT 1:27 the graph says "Quinary System" but then the graph shows 10 possible states – which is actually decimal. Technically, there should be only 5 possible values there, but the overall concept is still the same. NOTE: Since we can't use annotations in our videos going forward if we find any smallish errors in our videos like this we'll leave clarifications in the episode description. Thanks all for the wonderful feedback! -brandon

  2. Danny Figueroa says

    Found my second favorite teacher. My first is Jesus.

  3. Hawk eye says

    For the people who disliked this video, I wonder what they exactly disliked about it….as i couldn't find anything to dislike…..

  4. Aghiad Alzein says

    That was great , precise and more than simple ,thanks.

  5. OrionTheWildHunt says

    does anyone else pause the video at the intro just to see the fun facts? no just me alright

  6. theonlinerover says

    Thanks! What a great episode. I still don't get it 100% but I'll keep going 🙂

  7. Julian Lopez says

    Bruv, I'm just tryna build a Piston door in Minecraft

  8. Angie Hollingworth says

    That was brilliant, thank you!

  9. Protatodragon1 says

    Is that a rip-off intro of ted Ed?

  10. Louis says

    Can someone tell me why the nand gate is not shown here?
    In the nandgame, the site give it as your first tool to build a circuit.

  11. Jeffrey Ogodogun says

    Well done Carrie ??????

  12. Krishna Savaliya says

    here, question is you have a number or you wearing galsses as a hobby
    if you == number:
    print('you look amazing')
    elif you == hobby:
    print('you also look amazing')

  13. Matthew Ascough says

    this sucks i'm forced to watch it

  14. Jameel Mahmood says

    Well done ?

  15. 1000instruments Girl says

    Haha, that was brilliant. Congrats on the team who thought of this. Amazing!

  16. Drobotics says

    I love everyone at crash course!

  17. Elhadji Toure says

    As much as I hate the complexity of these videos, I love how much I'm able to learn from them. And I believe I'm speaking for thousands.

  18. Aee Bee Cee says

    No one wearing pants in the UK

  19. eddiehimself says

    I mean the fact that George Boole came up with Boolean Logic a century before it became a vital component of designing computers is pretty incredible. It just goes to show how the discipline of pure mathematics, that is studying mathematics not for a practical purpose that is known at the time, but just for the sake of expanding the scope of maths itself, can really pay dividends when the technology catches up with it.

  20. reinis z9 says


  21. Vinnie P. says

    This is one of the hardest things i've tried to learn yet

  22. Youtube Chanel says

    and = reverse(inputs) nor
    or = reverse(inputs) nand

  23. Youtube Chanel says

    and = reverse(inputs) nor

  24. shoyorolldeephalf says

    omfg thank you

  25. Rubens Alves says


  26. Lady dexx says

    she talks way too fast !

  27. Samuel Saenz says

    The Boolean logic to try and use it for philosophy in finding truth reminds me of the logical positivists and their verificationism. It is interesting that it was refuted and not shown to be a tenable position, but it is easy to see why people would hope to find a method that way in search of truth.

  28. R Two says

    I wish I could kiss you angel

  29. Felifluffy says

    THANK YOU, you teach so much better than my teacher.

  30. Sam Whiffin says

    This made me get more confused some how…


    I don't get it ,in xor gate when current doesn't go through the not gate ( when the not gate false) but it goes true then where from the current coming. And. Also in xor gate both A&B are true so the and gate open current true on not gate but it rusult false then where is the current gone. Please help me to find out this

  32. Josh Greene says

    interesting genes

  33. D D says


  34. Jay Malguitou says

    This table is upside down normally we would start with zeros so asuming that True is 1 and false is zero then false false false should be at the top of table, apart from that explanantion is great

  35. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says


  36. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says

    Off switch has phases 5, 6,7,8 means what ? Partially off to completely shut ?

  37. Harley A.Garcia says

    Ah yes watching YouTube about how other things work like logic gates when I should be paying attention to Edgenutiy??

  38. Mike Tierney says

    Oh no! It's the ever elusive incomprehensible, omnipresent infamous 'THEY'! And they're back! LOL. Better tell Fudge.

  39. Omar Abdelkader says

    0:50 Journey!

  40. Qx378 34 says

    Учусь в 11-ом классе, учу нулевую алгебру уже много лет и только сейчас понял, зачем он нужна

  41. nitin bisht says

    its interesting ans satisfying at the same time. Also shout out to your animator.

  42. TechStuff says

    This was taught incredibly well

  43. ByRuss X says

    0:50 Journey Criature

  44. Vinayagam K says

    I'm Carie Anne And I'm Sexy
    What statement is this And Oo Not??

  45. Any Caroliny says

    Amazing content, love it!!

  46. Kye Kalz says

    Not wearing pants ??

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