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Bobby Fischer | Mental Health & Personality


This video answers the questions: Can I discuss the mental health and personality factors that may be at work in the life and death of Bobby Fischer?
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Ponterotto, J. G. (2013). Case Study in Psychobiographical Ethics: Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 8(4), 19–27. doi:10.1525/jer.2013.8.4.19

Ponterotto, J. G., & Reynolds, J. D. (2013, August 26). The “Genius” and “Madness” of Bobby
Fischer: His Life From Three Psychobiographical Lenses. Review of General Psychology.
Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0033246

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  1. Tim Gluckman says

    But Fischer was not greatest player who ever lived. how does one substantiate such a claim. Most top chess players believe Kasparov to have been better

  2. Tim Gluckman says

    Hold on doc! It was proven after the 1962 Candidates event in Curacao that the Soviet bloc players were told to agree short draws amongst themselves. Korchnoi who 3 yrs later emigrated to West revealed that. And the short draws speak 4 themselves. Doc needs to check his facts

  3. CaptainYesz says

    Watched agadmator's channel and learned about Bobby so this is great to learn your perspective!

  4. Ann Roanoke says

    5 ads in just this one video

  5. Ann Roanoke says

    Dr. Grande, your videos now have a lot of advertising now. I don't know if you're aware of the change in youtube. I became a patreon contributor to your channel hoping you would not need advertising revenue

  6. Boone Docker says

    I have played chess most of my life, in several clubs and tournaments. Bobby Fischer is without question the greatest player of all time. He was simply brilliant.

  7. John Ashley says

    Can you do the murder of Gianni Versace.

  8. Greppur Torfason says

    I was acquainted with Mr. Fisher when he lived here in Iceland. At the time I worked in a bookstore he frequented. People here left him alone and let him approach them for the most part. I think he felt secure here and seemed to be able to shed or quench most of his paranoia. My perception of him was of a highly intelligent, eloquent person, curious about a wide range of topics and ideas, albeit a rather private individual. I was very saddened by his premature death, and I miss our conversations.

  9. Carolyn Rockoff says

    It’s fitting that Bobby Fisher, such a complex person, found chess, such a complex game.

  10. Beach_ Flower says

    Could some of his behaviors been learned behavior from his mother and/or father?

  11. Roberto Perez says

    Bobby fishcer was a genius, and his remarks about USA and Jews are true, these are confirming right now ,

  12. parkviewmo says

    Fascinating and your logic on Bobby Fischer really makes sense to me. With the description of his parents, I have a hunch there is a large genetic component to the issues he had.

  13. 3 Minute Poetry Analysis says

    Some of his chess demands were totally legitimate such as better lighting conditions when playing these long 5 hour matches. The situation with the pre-arranged draws had to do with when he played many Russian players in a tournament, his contention was that they would draw against each other in order to save energy and worked together to make sure that Fischer would lose in the tournament or at least have a more difficult time. Some of these things weren't necessarily examples of paranoia. He didn't trust many people because he felt that people took advantage of him because of his celebrity and talent and most likely his troubled childhood factored in to his distrust of people. His paranoia seems to have become more acute later in his life. Also, remember, Bobby did everything himself regarding his chess and studying for these matches. His genius and work ethic led to his championship level chess but also made for a really lonely life.

  14. Something You Said says

    Coincidentally I had just watched a very good movie called In Search Of Bobby Fischer.
    Thank you Dr. Grande for an interesting detailed analysis of the man.

  15. Lawrence Iuso says

    Excellent presentation! From my very limited observations as a modest chess player myself, I saw that Bobby Fischer spent a good deal of time with Mr. Brady, his wealthy benefactor, as a young man, for many years and also with Larry Evans and Fr. William Lombardi (strong GMs) for large time segments during his preparation and Championship match and seemed to be fully functional. His long history of play in many social settings seemed fairly normal and his obsession with playing conditions and monetary compensation were actually necessary and certainly raised the standards for all professional players-all very admirable traits. His "delusions" about Russian collusion was factual, not fantasy. The Russians dominated the chess world and fanaticlly tried to stop Fischer from winning becaused it threatened the Socialist model of superiority. They actually did conspire to draw with each other to conserve mental energy, while working hard to defeat other rivals. I think, over time, the high level of chess strain has damaged many other players minds such as former world champion William Steinitz.

  16. Greg Doherty says

    What a load of bs.

    He was crazy. All this soft science showing off is mental masturbation and phrenology

    People become psychiatrists to diagnose their own insanity

  17. Timo Schmid says

    I think you would really enjoy doing an episode on David Goggins!

  18. Watcher WLC says

    Ironic that he was Antisemitic and Anti-American. He was American and of Jewish extraction.

  19. Watcher WLC says

    Oh darn, no closed caps on the last couple of vids. Oh well. Better listen close!?

  20. Elliot A. says

    Dr. Grande, I love your videos, but…Bobby Fischer is the greatest chess player ever? 19:05 I know you may not be a chess fan, but most people who follow it would rate several above Fischer, including Kasparov (was world champ for almost 20 years), and Magnus Carlsen (I believe he's still the current champ).
    l don't know of any top chess players who consider Fischer the greatest. He was a hell of an intriguing personality, as you've detailed here and as shown in "Searching for Bobby Fischer", but the GOAT?

  21. david gagnon says

    Some would argue that he was one of the best chess players who ever lived? That's beyond question. Some would argue that he was THE best chess player who ever lived.

  22. risha a says

    why are americans so obsessed with communists

  23. Sam Hoornaert says

    Why some of your so interessing videos don't have subtitles ? ?
    It's so disapointed for deaf (or partially) peoples like me !
    Your channel is one of the most interessing on YT

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