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BMW M8 vs Nissan GT-R vs Ferrari V12 – DRAG RACE!


The BMW M8 Competition is BACK, and this might be its toughest test yet! The most powerful BMW M to date, with its twin-turbo V8, is going up against the ludicrously powerful 6.3-litre V12 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso! And not only that, there’s a tuned Nissan GT-R joining them on the start line, too! They all pump out a similar hp, but will the newer M8 snatch the win? Keep watching to find out!

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  1. Haks Puso says

    Bmw m8

  2. Kamjar Pourhang says


  3. daren 33 says


  4. KlevisGMY says

    man your gtr is it real or a gtr with 5 broken cylinder

  5. Ledio Gaming says

    0:08 look at that plate

  6. Thijs landlust says


  7. Beefsuprem0 says

    I knew that Ferrari would sound the best before they'd touched a pedal?

  8. Oratile Mogotsi says

    The BMW sounds way better?

  9. FamZillaTV says

    Whoever's driving that gtr smh

  10. Abe says

    Should have put the gtr nismo?‍♂️?‍♂️

  11. Julian LMZ says


  12. Matthew Howell says

    I'm saying GTR before I even start the video

  13. Nicu Fratila says

    Ferrari has almost 690 horsepork

  14. Lwazi Xabendlini says

    BMW sounds best

  15. Lu Caban says

    M8 sounds way better!

  16. clarence bell says

    The 09 gtr trans is not that good tbh

  17. Adil 34 says

    Nissan GTR stock sound she not 650hp??

  18. Reddot Robot says

    Gtr is a beast

  19. Dhananjay V says


  20. ALEN XD Klempić says

    BMW M8

  21. Khaos LilJr says

    Starts at 3:45 cut the bullshit and race.

  22. Videos Vazados says

    BMW porcaria…. BMW lixo.

  23. iAngeL says

    GTR left the chat

  24. mark h says

    10 year old GTR still up there !

  25. Reinier Jacobus says

    When are you going to show the Enzo F70 ???…. And the 458 !…and the Ferrari la Ferrari !!!

  26. Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur says

    The Ferrari sounds like an LFA

  27. Aleem Dar says

    the m8

  28. Chakraborty. B says

    Ferrari v12

  29. virgilio Lopez says

    Nissan nismo vs M8 competition

  30. Rafael Gonzales says

    Damn this Ferrari exhaust…

  31. IndigenousAmericanTrucker says

    That V12 sounded like trash and performed like trash! Why would someone modify their exhaust on a V12 to make it sound like a regular ass V6 or even a 4 Cylinder? Lmao!

  32. Natty Natasha says


  33. sincengile ntini says

    m8 people

  34. Bobur.91 Khayitmatov says

    It is not really. GTR is best and fast

  35. Aliff Afifi says

    Nissan GTR R35

  36. reg nag says

    1/4 the price of those 2 car but still have the performance of those overpricedcars

  37. thanos throne says

    when i heard that Ferrari it made my woodrow wilson hard!!!

  38. Ahmed Bahjat says

    Lol I love the way that the Ferrari costs like 5 times more than the price of the GT-R and barely won

  39. Anthony Montaque says


  40. MegaAzevedo123 says

    the ferrari is so cool but sounds horrible ?

  41. Satish PatnaiK says

    What happened to ferrari ???? I thought ferrari would come to 1st..

  42. Jonathan Hilt says

    Im sorry but the guy in the gtr doesnt know how to drive.

  43. PlayEatSleep says

    When BMW starts to drift, is steals the thunder

  44. Martin Mutua says

    GTR hasw the best sound

  45. Gustavo Menezes says

    here in Brazil, bmw do Brasil does not respect the consumer and does not give a warranty on the vehicle, unfortunate, several cases of broken cars and that the warranty refuses to cover, do not buy M5, buy Mercedes and be happy

  46. bmwsebpower says

    BMW alway surprise

  47. Nawaf Alshehri says

    4:00 doing alright ??? what are you talking about??!!!

  48. Antoine Fasciaux says


  49. Mustafa Naeem says

    M8 sounds better

  50. Bongani M Khumalo says

    The ferrari sounded better

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