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BMW M3 Touring(?!) vs AMG C63 S Estate – DRAG RACE


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It’s time for an estate showdown! Mat’s pulled up in the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Estate, and he’s lining up against a BMW M3 Touring! …What’s that? You’re saying BMW never built an M3 Touring?! Well, you’re right, they didn’t… What you’re seeing lining up here is a custom-built, F81 M3 Touring!

The AMG is powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 510hp & 700Nm of torque, while the M3 has a 3-litre straight-six twin-turbo that’ll put out 540hp & 680Nm of torque! So they’re pretty evenly matched, but will the launch on the F80 let it down as we’ve seen in the past?! You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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  1. lim zuming says

    Make a review of Bentley Mulsanne

  2. rjac001 says

    neither can drive

  3. nicholas banda says

    They definitely should have built a touring version of the f80??

  4. bmw123ck says

    155 mph in 6th gear… why 9 gears?? hahaha flying?

  5. Jason Jia says

    my goodness, almost spat out my drink when running in the 90s came on out of nowhere

  6. Luando Magidela says


  7. Alex Harpoth says

    the bmw sounds like a lawn mower

  8. Hacı Şakir says

    Look at 6:58. Bmw 2 wins Mercedes 1 win. Carwow crew, next time please get a fair test.

  9. Bima Putra says

    Mercedes Launch control Gauge graphic are badass thoo

  10. Yahya Ali says

    Vedio suggestion:HONDA ACURA NXS VS 2020 toyota supra

  11. Otomobil Dünyam says


  12. Robinho's Left Foot says

    BMW have Alpina B3 Touring so they have a sort of M3 Touring

  13. Mads Millner says

    The m3 has The bad driver

  14. CNX Expat says

    Now I know which one of these cars I would never buy and I can´t afford is faster. Soooooo interesting.

  15. Vaidas Skanas says

    1. Merc sounded better, bmw sounds disgusting.
    2. Loved the running in the 90s song.
    3. I think it should be sporty saloon not touring, I hate when people buy fast and expensive cars and drive 60mph on motorway second lane.

  16. 9002alex says

    BMW really really missed the boat on the note on the new m3. It just sounds so horrific, especially compared to the b58.

  17. M67v says

    Lovely M3 wagon

  18. Ian Purcell says

    They still look like a hearse.

  19. Harvard Chong says

    i like the initial d soundtrack haha

  20. P E says

    Whats wrong with the Bmw driver????? ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  21. J Pineda says

    Howdy dew I'm from London lol

  22. stephen parker says

    Are you mad that BMW sounds crap Merc sounds totally awesome

  23. John Bourne says

    All that work …. and the interior is still …. 8 years old…. bmw are history ?

  24. Areku06 says

    Wow m3 wagon is very good looking, probably best looking wagon in its class, if it was in production.

  25. Тачка на обзор says


  26. Kien Mach says

    BMW's plate "63 NP" lol

  27. shailaja reddy says

    Review Jeep srt vs dodge Durango srt pls pls pls pls

  28. Tanner Baldwin says

    Both sounded like shit

  29. Edward Chan says

    Are we gonna acknowledge how close the M3 sounds to a riced car at the start

  30. THC Kitchen says

    I wish Matt tried to launch the m3

  31. Jordan Griffin says

    Nick needs to learn how to drive

  32. Caroline Nyagah says


  33. Caroline Nyagah says


  34. Mynexia says

    The M3 sounds like my lawn mower with a weed wacker engine in it

  35. Dave D'Video Maker says

    I thought Mat came from Redditch.

  36. strell uyir strell uyir says

    മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ. എവിടെ
    മലയാളി പൊലിയല്ലെ

  37. ScienceBitch says

    Nick is just really bad at launching. 4:16 Matt is already moving and M3 has not even taken his foot off the brake.

  38. Leo Stunz says

    That F81 is gorgeous

  39. J Leo says

    I'll never understand why BMW doesn't bring that wagon to market. They're awesome!
    WAKE UP BMW!!!

  40. Ben Wilson says

    The beamer is super cool. Sounds rubbish though.

  41. fattymcgee123 says

    0:32 that BM what?

  42. vitormmmonteiro says

    Mercedes is amazing, is the better!

  43. Pravien 13 says

    I think this race is not fair because the Mercedes Benz is stock and the BMW is Tune ….anyway the race was good

  44. aaron rublee says

    hahaha Initial D part was dope!!

  45. Paul says

    I don't like raspy exhausts so I prefer the Mercedes.

  46. Soccer Kings says


  47. I'm Bored says

    The owner of the M3 Wagon is @63np on IG

  48. JDM FRESH says

    Never knew humans can make Bmw M3 Estates tll let alone bmw Lol

  49. JDM FRESH says

    @calvinscardiary is doing the same thing to his bmw except he's making a M3 E46 to a M3 E46 Estate

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