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  1. Another kickass soundtrack from BBS it never fails ?????

    Also they both looking soo badass especially Ichigo with Ginjo's clothing style in bankai but with black hair OwO

  2. As yall know, Bleach will return somewhere in 2021 with lots of OP Bankai's and quincy arrows flying everywhere. But waiting for expected one year can be longer than waiting for unexpected eight years!??

  3. for once i'm looking forward to trying to pull a byakuya unit. i don't hate him but he doesn't appeal to me but this version looks awesome, and of course ichigo looks awesome. like they combined his fullbring with his getsuga form, you can tell though they like putting ichigo into 3-tailed coats. can't wait for this summons! stacking up as many orbs as i can.

  4. I'm back again but When I think about it more I always can't shake it What would happen if ichigo had the hogyoku sorry if I spell it wrong but music is amazing tho

  5. At 1k orbs, still gonna keep grinding ALOT more orbs for 5th Anniversary.
    May You Have The Best Hype? Summon Luck Plat and Same with Everyone here!!

  6. The unexpected half mugestu and half fullbring ichigo was so unexpected yet amazing and also did you notice that ichigo sword is like the hollow (Shiro) that was made by aizen. coincidence?

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