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Bleach: Brave Souls 5th Anniversary 'Making Of' Music Theme ~ Ichigo & Byakuya (EXTENDED)


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  1. Shadowalker 546 says

    That would be his form if he used his fullbring transformation in his inner world while maintaining the good old shikai form

  2. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神 says

    Another kickass soundtrack from BBS it never fails ?????

    Also they both looking soo badass especially Ichigo with Ginjo's clothing style in bankai but with black hair OwO

  3. Emmanuel Castillo says

    Did you guys know ichigo was planned to have black hair in the beginning and wear glasses?

  4. NightWere says

    As yall know, Bleach will return somewhere in 2021 with lots of OP Bankai's and quincy arrows flying everywhere. But waiting for expected one year can be longer than waiting for unexpected eight years!??

  5. holydracoeva 24 says

    for once i'm looking forward to trying to pull a byakuya unit. i don't hate him but he doesn't appeal to me but this version looks awesome, and of course ichigo looks awesome. like they combined his fullbring with his getsuga form, you can tell though they like putting ichigo into 3-tailed coats. can't wait for this summons! stacking up as many orbs as i can.

  6. Light yagami says

    I'm back again but When I think about it more I always can't shake it What would happen if ichigo had the hogyoku sorry if I spell it wrong but music is amazing tho

  7. Young Hentaii says

    I feel like… he should stick with black hair

  8. Ishio Kitetsu says


  9. Mikey Garcia says

    I hope this music is Lobby Music

  10. The AnimeDabSnore says

    Who’s hype and how much y’all plan to spend or have saved? FOR PIMPKUYA AND FULGETSU

  11. King blazing says

    Lowkey cant believe it's been 5 years tho

  12. Shiroé says

    What is the music from the trailer pls ? I really need it its freaking epic

  13. Volroc Destinos says

    I was hoping to finally get the name of ichigos fullbring

  14. Arc Entertainment says

    A FIRE ost to go with FIRE new designs. Ya LOVE to see it

  15. Isreal Esparza says

    Dude who’s ready

  16. Azure says

    Got that Fullbring Mugetsu action going

  17. Anime is Beautiful says

    Ichigo looks so badass ??? but I prefer the Final Getsuga Tenshou look, that was THE BEST look of Ichigo!!! so incredibly mature and badass!!! ?????

  18. Bisexual Ichigo says

    Some awesome lit soundtrack.

  19. Douglas Pryor says

    My man. I was waiting for this ????

  20. AlphaPredator says

    At 1k orbs, still gonna keep grinding ALOT more orbs for 5th Anniversary.
    May You Have The Best Hype? Summon Luck Plat and Same with Everyone here!!

  21. Dante Crossing says

    I need the sauce for that Ichigo.

  22. Dorjan Coli says

    The unexpected half mugestu and half fullbring ichigo was so unexpected yet amazing and also did you notice that ichigo sword is like the hollow (Shiro) that was made by aizen. coincidence?

  23. White Fang Copen says

    Friggin wicked?

  24. BLEACH fan says


  25. Light yagami says


  26. Avery Lahens says


  27. Obito xshinobi says

    Ichigo looks sick with black hair but I prefer him with orange

  28. Sora Ad Caelum says

    Nice music, also I want to see more that Ichigo artwork, looks very interesting

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