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blackbear – fashion week (it's different remix)


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  1. Trap Nation says

    I uploaded this on Friday and I accidentally used the wrong song, but it's back now with the right one. Hope you all like it's different's new remix of blackbear's amazing song 'Fashion Week'. Just finished EDC, for anyone that was out there hope you had fun, I'm dead now and going to sleep lol.

  2. fedelyn geling says

    I just searched sunset safari intro song and i got here, not complaining its AMAZING!!!

  3. kdry oksl says

    very beautiful really great

  4. Sarah says

    3 years ago was a lot

  5. Gerlie Derequito says

    i love sunsetv

  6. Robbie The Queen says


  7. Spidspid Falcon says
  8. Birai Abreha says

    Who else was here for Miylie and Lentotally?

    No one…?

    Just me..????


  9. Kensley Harris says

    Who's here because of memes or tic tok?

  10. Safteysweater says
  11. Lopholillie says

    When that one kid walks in with Heelies or light up shoes:

  12. Mōōn Light says

    This song is perfect for a spoild kid

  13. Potato says

    Nobody :
    Not even the bots :
    Me and the spider in the corner of my room : we be vibin ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

  14. • laila • says

    Am I the only one who came because of Sunset Safari?

  15. Gaming with Cici says

    Ah yes sunset Safaris intro song 🙂

  16. Amber Alvarez says

    Love it!???

  17. lost in space says

    Who else is here from the editing community?

  18. Adrian Kwapisz says


  19. l李兰芳 says

    when peeps be flexing their expensive clothes-
    Me be like ~;w;…

  20. aesthetic sunfloweriii says

    This song reminds me of sunset safari

  21. Xx Aesthetics xX says

    sick beats doe 😮

  22. - Cute Lil Fox - says

    Every week it's roblox week for me

  23. Clown Dominator says

    Every Week Is Terrible For Me

  24. Galaxy_Whisper says

    Everybody: Every week is fashion week for me

    Every week is homework week for me

  25. Gerlie Derequito says

    I love your song by sunset song

  26. Lucirae M. says

    Gachatubers: Hippity hoppity this is now my property

  27. *srta. shadows*ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ says

    dream of the life
    me with my friend
    in a party dancing this music;w;

  28. Mey Baez says


  29. Valencia says

    IK im so late but this is the bestt dude

  30. FELIX FLEA says


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