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Bill Gates' Lifestyle ★ 2020


Lifestyle 2020 ★ Bill Gates’ Net Worth 2020

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  1. Grace Sutton says



  2. Hollie Richardson says


    ඇය වුඩ්වර්ක්අයි සේස්සහ ඔහු දැන් වයස්ගතව සිටියි ඒ වේලි කුහුඹුවා සම්පූර්ණ මුහුණක් සාදන්න සහ මගේ මුහුණ සියල්ලම විශාල හා සුදුමැලි කර ඇති එම කඩාවැටීම් දැන් ක්‍රියාත්මක වන අතර තවමත් ඔහුගේ පෙට්ටියේ ඊතර් තුළට නොයන්න

  3. Tom Jakovac says

    Bill gates promised and worked global Funds to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, 35 years later NO AIDS vaccine, 50 years later NO Malaria vaccine, None for Tuberculosis, only hundreds of lawsuits against BIG PHARMA for destroying peoples lives.. Go and hide Bill Gates- 666! Fauci is a employee and a puppet of Bill Gates and his criminal pharmaceuticals!

  4. Pascale Natacha Janssens says


  5. Simon Kamau says

    It's a ? devil ? .sidwe katika jina la yesu.

  6. Charles Wesley says

    He is getting all he will have here on earth . WHEN JESUS RETURNS BILL GATES WILL PAY THE BILL . IT WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR HIM.

  7. Charles Wesley says

    Bill Gates has made the Mark of the Beast possible .He has brought the book of Revelations to fruition serving the Devil. Now Gates is pushing the Mark of the Beast .So when you look at his face you are seeing the Devils Face .

  8. mark totton says

    two capitalists who have screwed over all the people who believed in them. And Gates saying he will give 50% of his wealth at 110 billion USD that will make no differebce to his wealth!

  9. Jeffro Bodene says

    All the money and hell bound.

  10. william III says

    The goal of his " foundation " import as many 3 world scumbags in the Western World, he doesn't care he can pay for the security , the rest of us? Good Luck. https://opsporingverzocht.avrotros.nl/opsporingslijst/

  11. Jerry ofodeme says

    He's a bloody killer

  12. Gloria Sharkey says

    the swinging back and fourth makes one dizzy…

  13. Mike Stone says

    How about a video on Jimmy Buffett?

  14. Robert McDonnold says

    What a bunch of paranoid people in the comments.

  15. c dawg says

    Gates = Satan

  16. bruce clothier says

    Just like every other billionaire, he should be stripped of his money, stripped to his underwear, and made to dig latrines in Siberia, in January. Maybe then he might learn a little humility

  17. Heiko Quast says

    intelligence and his eugenik family build the company and hes sooo ecological… lol

  18. Sal Balakrishnan says

    Shorten lives and ruin health.

  19. BigCoolViking. G.S. says

    He is a total charlatan, so he infected his own Windows platforms with a Virus or 2 that he happened to have the perfect Anti-Virus software for, double 'ca-ching' Now he is infected people with Covid-19 so he can sell you the perfect 'patented Vaccination' for it. He is a Demon in a meat suit.

  20. Chris Arnold says


  21. L R says

    Jealousy wears many clothes. Either come up with accurate hard evidence for these negative comments or stop spouting your rear end off. He has a brain and you can't stand it.

  22. SolidRock InclearWater says

    Biggest philanthropist of the planet ,,,but getting richer at the same time ,,?
    Wow,,,new way to run real business !,,, no TX

  23. Mike Johnson says

    The method you used to change slide photos back and forth was annoying and made me feel dizzy. Try using a dissolve technique,

  24. Douglas Albanese says

    Please Adopt me Bill

  25. Ali Qazilbash says

    Love me back S face! ?

  26. Ali Qazilbash says

    dad ! coming to get me? ???

  27. hotmasked1 says

    I owe this man my all respect, he changed my life as an IT Professional which has allowed me to live a good life and support my family thanks to the Windows operating system. Thank you Bill for all that you do.

  28. Ali Qazilbash says


    software! ?

  29. Ali Qazilbash says


  30. Echte Brabander says


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