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BIG 12 SOCCER OPENER WEEKEND | getting TikTok famous + traveling to Kansas State (1/2)


AHHHHH This video is our travel trip to Kansas for our Big 12 opener at Kansas State!!! watch us be crazy on the bus, make tiktoks (lol) and just hang out as a team!!! part 2 of this weekend will be up later this week
Thank you all for watching!!!! y’all are the freakin best!!!!

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Ephesians 4:2

Thank you to everyone supporting our team- we love and appreciate all of you!!

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  1. Emily Littrell says

    Y’all rlly hit golden hour at the hotel ?

  2. Gabby Jensen says

    They sit so close to the front on the plain! When I go to lacrosse tournaments with my team I always sit in the last three rows

  3. Kelly Salguero says

    this makes me want to play college soccer so bad!!

  4. Andrea Reyes says

    We all love Reagan’s vibe??

  5. Shynali Nalkozha says

    0:30 Cassady Campbell?

  6. Mackenzie Smith says

    Ok but I’m sitting here watching old vlogs and I’m just now noticing how much Ali henderson looks like Dr. Robbins on Greys Anatomy ?

  7. Poppy Schneider says

    The one who plays soccer is so pretty

  8. Casey Loughlin says

    the fact that your hair dried in the time it took you to learn that tiktok is amazing

  9. L L says

    Honestly one of the funniest vlogs I've seen! Watching from Australia ❤

  10. Mukisa Elijah says

    Oh wow.. ?

  11. Mukisa Elijah says

    Awsome vid ?

  12. Blue Jay says

    I know this about soccer… but your hair routine plz ~~

  13. Eva Stahly says

    in the BAG

  14. Reese Humphries says

    Did you get a full-ride scholarship?

  15. Bryce Cooper says

    Why are you so amazing!

  16. Anthony Jadan says

    Is this for a school or a soccer club

  17. Jasmin Dieckmann says

    That's so fucking funny ???

  18. Halle Clark says

    I strive for your teams before game hype.

  19. li dl says

    How much money did you spend on coffee? ?

  20. Kilo 3 - 1 says

    damn banana boat look @9:52 HAHA

  21. rustydife says

    lol you have nice editing skills

  22. Kingdom Kids says

    What a cool life!! You are so blessed!! Thank you Jesus

  23. Robert O'Brien says

    Salty she’s not single and salty I don’t live anywhere near her lol

  24. itsKiff says

    I will admit kylie is very pretty but she has a great personality or else I wouldn't watch these videos just for looks.. or would I o.O

  25. Justin C says

    Can I marry Maddie

  26. Justin C says

    Maddie is the cutest!

  27. Daniel Monreal says

    All love

  28. Daniel Monreal says

    U bitches crazy fun

  29. Daniel Monreal says

    Dawg I knew it just the way she chills

  30. emily dunlea says

    are you professional sorry i only play travel soccer ??????????

  31. Tessa Trusner says

    These tik toks are 100% chaos and i think y’all need a team account

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