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Best of Plays | 2019-20 NBA Season


Check out some of the BEST PLAYS from the 2019-2020 NBA Season so far!

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  1. Fox Sky says

    🙁 you know why !

  2. D R says

    not a single Westbrook highlight? he was beasting when season ended. Only harden highlight.. is a pass? rockets bias persists

  3. DanTheMan says
  4. Tom Peachey says

    kawhi has boring dunk packages no i can't dunk but i have seen better

  5. Who Me? says

    2:28 “jaw dropped”
    How come I haven’t seen this yet damm

  6. Jason Mendez says

    Hey yall, I never really watched basketball but most of my friends do. I'm thinking about starting to & wanna find out what team I should support. I dont wanna go for the usual bandwagon teams, not really my style. I like a team that has a growing project & has a good playing style. Good team history is good too. What do y'all suggest? Thanks ????????

  7. Brad386 says

    17:38 NBA 2K lag be like

  8. MyXxx77 says


  9. rose channel says

    To much adds

  10. Vicente Jr Timonan says

    whew..I Love This Game…COVID19 OUT…

  11. James Mop says

    I made a mock draft! Check it out at https://arushiyer.com/2020/07/17/2020-nba-mock-draft-1-14/ and feel free to roast me in the comments if you think I made a bad pick.

  12. Kimberling Guzman says

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOO????????????????????????????????????????https://youtu.be/Pm8dBlWjjWk

  13. Sarc4sm says

    3:28 that defense by Aldridge and you call him the best PF in the league? Lmao clowns

  14. never forget says

    I miss the nba.

  15. Hip-Hop Top 9s says

    Best of plays lol

  16. HoopersWorld says

    Kelly oubre highlights mix address it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AgP2jUM9ZU

  17. Lucy Gade says

    Did you see Chris Bouchers face when demar duncked

  18. Scot Land says

    Goaltending @ 1:10

  19. GOATosleep says

    No james harden step back !!!!!!!

  20. Darin Gregory says


  21. Abraham Dramera says

    derozan wanna kill boucher

  22. Abraham Dramera says

    zion block omgodness

  23. Bad Knee Sportz says
  24. Flower Boy says

    How many ads on this fucking video???

  25. tim nic says

    "ridiculous" finish part 3


  26. tim nic says

    7:26 Ja Morant , simply a "ridiculous" finish
    2:41 Chris Paul another ridiculous through the opponent's legs finish

  27. GOAT says

    Lebron the goat idgaf argue all u won’t, that Nîgga built different

  28. Vishal Surya says

    4:39 Wesley Johnson: Welcome to a little thing I call retirement Jerome

  29. BRIAC GERMAIN says


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