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Best Clothes Hacks & DIY Fashion Tricks for Girls!


Fun clothes hacks for girls and DIY fashion crafts! In this fun comedy video you will learn awesome clothes hacks for teenagers, girls, boys, men, women and entire family. These are perfect clothes hacks for school, party, date, work or free time. Find out a variety of fashion DIY tricks including pants to dress transformations, T-shirt makeovers, crop top recycling, jeans upgrade, heals hacks, secret bra tricks, office to clubbing transformations and much more. This family friendly video is filled with clever crafting clothes life hacks but also includes funny comedy skits and awkward situations you can relate to.

This amusing DIY clothes hacks video includes so many awesome fashion tricks: make a bodysuit out of a shirt or a blouse, transform culotte trousers in 3 different glam dresses, a bra strap becomes a cool choker necklace, v neck shirts vs bralette trick, office attire becomes a party outfit in a second, stained jeans get a fun polka dot transformation, midi skirt transforms into a mini dress, slouchy sweater turned into an elegant sweater dress, low waist jeans get a high waist jeans makeover, heals are suddenly the perfect shoe to walk on grass, a simple T-shirt becomes a beautiful skirt with pockets, plain T-shirts get decorated with glue sticks and DIY transfer paper out of a cling film, mini dress turns into a midi skirt!

Why spending money for expensive fashion haul when you can make so many amazing outfits with clothes you already have! All you need is some creativity and a bunch of epic clothes hacks!

Help me translate the DIY School Supplies Competition video:

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Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.

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  1. Fun with Sara says

    Yay for the new video! Here you'll find the most epic DIY clothes hacks and fashion tricks! I had so much fun filming this video 🙂 What should I film next? Leave me your requests <3 Thank you so much for stopping by guys, I love you so much!

  2. Sanjeev Chaubey says

    I am in 7th grade and I have been watching you from 2nd grade love you byee

  3. my simple lifestyle says

    Hey sara please you stay home and stay safe where are your living please reply me sara

  4. Asutosh Mahankud says

    Very easy hacks thank you?

  5. nanotannous says


  6. anjana Pn says

    Is this from Troon troom

  7. Aesthetic Vibes says

    I remember watching this when I was like 7-8 I don’t really remember, but know I am 11

  8. Ïřïš Łøvïě says

    Guys she copied the 2nd one

  9. Sid _The_Furry says

    Come on she got me through 6th grade will she get me through qaurentine 7th grade (im able to go back to physical school i have to i nearly failed online school)

  10. Jyotirmai Das says

    You are the best?????♥️ like really…..ur ideas r amazing

  11. Aesthatic Macaroons says

    so thats where you went?? i thought you quit yt , But u just had a different channel !! 🙂

  12. Sidharth kumar says

    U live in such a beautiful place ???

  13. VENKATESH says

    You are an amazing person
    I love you

  14. Dhin Lus says

    Ilike your voice when you speak ?

  15. Hannah Ferguson says

    Anyone else notice she had a plaster on her neck like what happend

  16. Rina Wu says

    Is it only be but I think for some/most of the diys she copyed other people’s ideas I know she’s not the only 1 tho



  18. Malk Magrabi says

    Omg it’s been 6 years since I watched u I missed u I was 8 when I was watching u and now I’m like 14 and ur like 32!

  19. rajvi mistry says

    Hey Sara, I'm your biggest fan. I'm watching u since 8 and I'm now 14. Can't spend a day without watching you beauty. I wanted to meet you this year but because of Corona it's a flop. Pls stay safe. I don't want to see you suffer. I am sharing your YouTube account to everyone I meet to support u. Can I get a heart and a reply from you? Love from India! We support you. ?

  20. Sameer Kadam says


  21. Gacha lover haze Girly says

    These clothes ideas are amazing!! I'm 11 and this Corona has me stuck at home bored out of my mind!! But all I need to do is watch your vids stay safe 🙂

    Edit: also ignore the people who disliked your videos there just jealous they cant be creative like you ^,^

  22. Caroline Scroby says

    it's boring but super helpful so u don't wast clothes and i like plain black and white t-shirts and sorry if i spell anything wrong because i haven't been going to school cause of corona virus

  23. Maryann Gomez says


  24. Nanna Boelt says

    I love the video thanks ??

  25. ringo chu says

    0:38you can see her bra

  26. Evelyn Kelly says

    You are stealing five min craft hacks

  27. Lily Greg says

    I tried the pant dress one and it did not work

  28. Talia Ayman says


  29. bigatheboss says

    Di think troom troom took ur ideas

  30. SCB Marasinghe says

    I love you Sarah so much for this ☺??????❤??

  31. Devanshi Gupta says

    4 month

  32. ravindra kerri says

    Very very nice ??????

  33. Aynul Mow says

    I love all your videos ❤️❣️❤️?❤️?

  34. Aynul Mow says

    Hi Sara

  35. Suman Garg says

    Love you sara!! Please make on summer pranks!! Love your pranks!

  36. Faith’s World ? says

    O wow wow wow wow ???

  37. Rosalina Simpson says

    LOVE IT SO MUCH?? Thank you, Sara! I'm really gonna try everything! Greetings from Bulgaria ??? Love you

  38. Mari Rios says

    6:00 she forgot deodorant

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