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Best Camera App for Android (2020 Review!)


Roundup & review of the best Android Camera Apps right now, including our top pick for the BEST Camera App for Android in 2020!

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► Open Camera:
► Manual Camera:
► Filmic Pro (Android):

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► Android:
► iPhone:

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— Best Camera Apps for Android (2020 Review!) —

While your Android smartphone or tablet camera is already super powerful out-of-the-box, with just a simple app install you can instantly unlock a TON of advanced functionality to take your results even further.

With the ability to add advanced DSLR-like settings, pro-grade manual controls, and higher quality bitrates standard to most third-party camera apps, you can easily overcome many of the drawbacks of shooting with the built-in apps bundled with your Android device.

In this video, we take a look at all the leading camera apps right now, with a full review and my top picks for the BEST Android Camera Apps in 2020!

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  1. diversificados says

    I live in Brazil but this video was amazing for me thank you very much


    Il like cinema FV-5 lite

  3. Demon Avenger says

    Video starts at 2:09 – open camera

    4:38 – manual camera
    7:24 – Filmic pro

  4. Le Vúck says

    You look like chris martin

  5. Manan Modi says

    the only thing I don't like is that their intro is to long

  6. GG Garden says

    I can't zoom with open camera. What's the problem?

  7. alexjhon says

    Do you know what camera app that can access or use all the cameras at the back of the phone like the ultrawide and telephoto zoom camera?

  8. Egzyle D says

    I know I am a little late, but I went with the Manuel Camera DSLR App. (the 5.99 version) and for the life of me, I couldn't control the ISO or the shutter speed, which I really need because I do a lot of Sky photos. I had the Pro unlocked in the setting and still had no control of the aperture. Very sad.


    How do i remove the onscreen icons please? i would be embarrased to post my video with the onscreen icons.

  10. god o Randomness says

    Camera MX, open camera, gcam

  11. Lachimi Marjee says

    Thanks you so much

  12. BlaZe Gaming says

    You kinda have a british accent but not from britain like me ?

  13. Greg Callison says

    Helpful video. All three apps sound good to me. I am inclined to get Filmic Pro. But, I want to be able to use a Bluetooth remote to start a video recording. I can only use a Bluetooth remote to take a picture with my phone's current camera app. Would these three apps allow me to do that? How can I find this out in advance if an app can do this? Thanks in advance for the help.

  14. Sketch & CUTE arts says

    Oh god!!so finally what is the name of this app??

  15. matthew s says

    Filmic Pro (Android): —– not avilable or your device isn't compatible with this version

    maybe you could find yet another app that is suitable for most people

  16. Atomic Reaper says

    Android users needed this because we have bad camera quality ???

  17. estella cruzplaz says

    thank you so much

  18. Dolfy Shitler parodies says

    I remember subscribing you in my other acc

  19. Gideon Gabaldon says

    Why don't I have the Filmic pro on the Samsung A50?

  20. Khuya Bisdak says

    Still sticking with the default camera app

  21. bakchod gamer says

    Google camera port is best for android

  22. MOKSH PATEL says

    Hello sir I need time warp in shutter speed also iso setting can you help me ?
    Thank you ?

  23. FREEK MCPE/GT says

    samsung lens isnhorrible Huawei lens amazing less blurr accurate

  24. Mike Arnold says

    We're wanting info on best camera apps not best video apps!

  25. Andrew Le says

    Can Filmic Pro take still images?

  26. mcpro24fps?

  27. jim kamstra says

    This ready helped

  28. Shervah Marcus says

    pro cam lite free verison

  29. Ram venkat says

    hedge cam2 once try this application, it is far better than open camera.

  30. CLIMAX TV says

    I just download open camera before this video even reach half and it is the best camera a for sure,

    My auto focuss issues was even fix, i wish i had this before

  31. Alan Scouser says

    Open Camera is incompatible with my Alcatel Android phone.

  32. Brany Teddy says

    New YouTuber here, your videos are so helpful and informative. I am from watching your open camera video from a year ago. I have downloaded it, someone recommended you to me

  33. ed ton says

    Liked, Subbed and Bell rung !! Justin, great video and looking forward to watching more, I have Open Camera and tbh I hate the messing around to change sht,going to get Filmic tonight and have a play with it.
    Cheers fella be safe and tnx from the UK.

  34. brianwhitenyika says

    Try moment pro camera for and compare it with others

  35. blackcoffee T says

    You only covers the differences in menus, ease of use and pricing but did not discus the software capabilities to process the pictures among the 3 apps, which is equally important (if not more important).

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