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Belmont Stakes 2020 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports


Watch the full 152nd Belmont Stakes, which was the opening race in the Triple Crown for the first time ever! #NBCSports #HorseRacing #BelmontStakes
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The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes are far more than just two-minute horse races… They are 300 years of history, tradition and athleticism, all rolled into single sporting events. Celebrating the pursuit of American excellence, NBC Sports is the exclusive home to all three races of the Triple Crown.

Beyond the Triple Crown, NBC Sports broadcasts some of the most important and prestigious events in all of horse racing. With exclusive media rights to the Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series and the Breeders’ Cup Classic, viewers can watch the best contenders compete across the country between June and November.

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Belmont Stakes 2020 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

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  1. Jazz Li says

    Belmont stake alway mile and half why this year is not mile and half ?

  2. Leslie Smith says

    Absolutely ? Love this horse! What a fantastic Belmont race & Tiz looked every inch the Champion! Even having to go a bit ride- he was fabulous! Triple Crown anyone? Or maybe I'm just a little bit excited about this Exceptional horse!!!♡

  3. Orcinus1967 says

    Deblasio: "Twas the the law".

  4. Lucy00682 says

    Like a true Democrat…won the race cheating…would not have won if it had been run the full distance.

  5. Harpal Chauhan says

    Like farther like son

  6. Harpal Chauhan says

    Hes talking all before him including breeders cup 2020

  7. Clouded Leopard says

    YAWN. The Belmont is just another sprint race. Fix this for next year, NYRA. We need at least one of the Triple Crown races to test for stamina.

  8. Light Lorraine says

    the one who whipped their horse the least won.

  9. thehowl_trail 18 says

    Wow!!!the first new York bred to win the Belmont since forester in 1882 and going 1:46 at nine furlongs.what a great horse!!!

  10. Gonzalo Aguilera says

    jejeje.. Belmont stake? a bunch of mediocre horses? Triple Crown? How come? 2020 TC should be a different chapter is Horse Racing history. It is a joke changing distances, Belmont first? and using 3 months instead of 5 weeks? What a mess and how disconnected are the rich umbrella behind the sport.

  11. Lcpl Devildog says

    If Tiz the Law wins all three triple crown races, there has to be an Astrik behind it. Or all future Belmont Stakes races have to be shortened like this one. He was not tested at 1/1/2 miles for the last race. This was a stupid mistake, there was no reason to run the Belmont stakes first.

  12. Ricardo Reig says

    Exelente material.

  13. Petak Zametak says

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  14. Leslie Langer says

    What rider by manny franco

  15. Subhash S D says

    How to play online betting India

  16. Chrispafried Dreamaster says

    Breaking news; The winners check bounced due to defunding of law enforcement..

  17. Fredchuckdave says

    The no cheering is pretty bizarre, historical moment I suppose.

  18. David Robertson says

    I doubt there will be a Triple Crown winner this year since the Derby has been postponed until September and the Preakness until October. It is difficult for a horse to hold its form for that length of time. Triple Crown Champions are usually trained to reach peak form for a time that covers the three races. This year the schedule is too extended so the winners of the last two legs will likely be outsiders.

  19. Ali Aura says


  20. Herman Ingram says

    37 seconds faster than Secretariat.

  21. asioe kiou says

    ?? But enjoying the video. ????

  22. Lynford Lynford says

    Time to open up the track to the public

  23. Chris Verro says

    How far was this Belmont? Definitely not a mile and a half

  24. Daryl Downs says

    dang, look at them beat those athletes. yay!

  25. paul voll says

    Did u see all the idiots celebrating without mask or social distancing,, stupid a ,, holes

  26. Leslie Langer says

    It was a great race. I had the exacta 5 times. I
    Won 68 dollars

  27. 용가리통뼈 says

    한국처림 길게 늘어지지는 않는 경마네

  28. GLENN Moto says

    I feel sorry for the track announcer trying to hype this ….. they shouldn’t have run any Triple Crown races this year … The Belmont a one turn mile and an eighth……should have an Asterisk next to it this size of the moon!

  29. Ailsa Ni says

    1 1/8 Belmont pfft!!

  30. Gabriella Ferraz says

    This is the worst and most fake Belmont Stakes I've ever seen. If Tiz The Law wins the "Triple Crown", I will not count him as a Triple Crown winner. Fake

  31. Iron Fists says

    Tap it to Win went flaat in the stretch over hyped that horse as Jody Fleming did Dr Post! ??Irad Ortiz Jr HAS THEE BESSST outside sweeping the field move on outside 6 furlong and mile & hlf moves on #9,#10,# 11 postion horses and well he placed but even him too DIDNT give normal aggresives mount ride he normal does hes myFav jockey too. Shame. Possible fix was in cause that horse crushed the field it didnt do that at Florida Derby @ GulfStream weeks before! I still Post to Place but Dr Post had Irad been more aggresives trainer Todd Pletcher of it would have notched his 5th Belmont Stakes and made aloooooot of horse bettors happy at 7 -1 odds it went off at.

  32. Robert Arnold says

    Tiz wins as much the best.

  33. bouytt guyt says

    In 1973 Secretariat said, "Hold my beer," and decided to run the Belmont all by himself.

  34. So_what_08 says

    I think Tiz the Law is a great horse but if he does win the other 2 races he shouldn't be a "Triple Crown winner" because he didn't run the full length of the Belmont which is one of the most important hardest races for a horse to complete

  35. Kelsey Greenwood says

    It’s great to the colts get to run but doesn’t seem the same. Hopefully next year will be a better year for racing. But they only get to be 3 once.

  36. Peter Obrien says

    Tiz the Law was best horse coming into the Belmont and looked every part the favorite. Nice horse.

  37. AJ R says


  38. Cafe` Skype says

    "Giddy-UP!" lol But why was the distance shortened? Has the NYRA given the fans a reason? Can't blame the Corona plague for that one, right? My nag came in fourth ("Pneumatic" – I liked the name, lol)

  39. F S says

    Its all about NY! We love NY!

  40. Victor Medici says

    Joke, this is not a triple crown race and sadly the derby, preakness and Belmont couldn't cordinate history means nothing …….and who cares now great job… Joke

  41. tandgsbabies says

    That's a powerful hoss.

  42. D Me says

    They must've taken a big chunk of track out. Secretariat would've won this in 1:02, easy. He'd lap this field.

  43. serdar demir says

    Tiz the law perfefct horse .

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