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Behzinga – Drama (Official Music Video)


But I’m not a rapper!
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Video Uploaded by Behzinga, Beh2inga.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Jake Roberts says

    “Ight let’s check his monthly listeners.”

  2. Ryan Fugiel says

    That's was good

  3. Curious says

    man these were simpler times, miss these disstracks lol

  4. XeV _ says

    bet of `all aye YO

  5. Alfie MATTHEWS says

    2017 was such a lit year with all the diss tracks

  6. MegaCroco21 says

    1:34 his gtr sounds sick

  7. melog says


  8. PWR_ Sway says

    2020 anyone?

  9. Soap-Macduckish 141 says

    You wanna spin well you’ve been spun

  10. Jemima says

    Wow it's already been 3 years.

  11. AirlessSquare06 AirlessSquare06 says

    It’s a crime not to come back to watch these

  12. The Ewok Clan says

    still sick tho, even in 2020

  13. Jay Newell says

    Just got this recommended

  14. Aiko MC says

    Lol 420k likes

  15. Dragonbeasy says

    420k likes nice

  16. Smoan says

    3 YEARS

  17. Kyle Fletcher says

    Who’s here when Behz is skinny lol

  18. graeme says

    3 fucking years

  19. Angel Yala says

    This started the 2017 YouTube civil war

  20. ItsArlogames says

    Exactly 3 years ago today

  21. Hazz3 L says

    This was 3 years ago today time flies by

  22. Ethan Phan says

    3 years ago today, the greatest beef in YouTube history happened

  23. RAPPERS REMIX says

    Already 3 years ago this dropped😂

  24. THE BOYZ says

    3 years ago tday

  25. TNT Max says

    I swear this s all recorded in the car park at the sidemen building

  26. md0113_ says

    How did 3 years go by that quickly?! ….. all this felt like it was yesterday..

  27. Soap y says

    Bro, it’s late 2020 but This still slaps, he’s got some fucking hard bars

  28. Graeme Anderson says

    3 years ago today…

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