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Beautiful Beijing HD (China travel)


Filmed by BeijingBuzzz.com
Beijing – the blue-sky city …

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. MrGoggles says

    Why not show the smoggy parts of China?

  2. Paige Hurtubise says
  3. Art-maGination says

    wow looks so clean, no trash, broken bottles on the street, etc.

  4. Secrets of a World Traveller says

    like your stuff cheers for posting

  5. Sylvianne Baker says

    brilliant summary of adventure in china

  6. costitravel says

    Beautiful video …wonderful music..

  7. bjkina says

    Thank you! I have enjoyed your videos also … 🙂

  8. apgclh says

    A window to Beijing. Thanks for the beautiful montage.

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