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Batman Returns | Penguin Betrays Catwoman Scene | Warner Bros. Entertainment


#MichellePfeiffer in her iconic performance as #Catwoman in #BatmanReturns. After teaming up to get rid of #Batman, Catwoman is betrayed by #ThePenguin when she turns down his slimy advances.

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About Batman Returns:
In the second of the #TimBurton blockbuster Batman films, the criminal genius The Penguin (#DannyDeVito) threatens Gotham City. Only #Batman (#MichaelKeaton) can defend the city from total chaos. Meanwhile, the #DarkKnight may have met his equal in the lethally lithe Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer).

Batman Returns | Penguin Betrays Catwoman | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Warner Bros. Entertainment

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  1. Troper Blobby says

    Il miglior Batman di sempre

  2. Omar Scarborough says

    Ann Hathaway is the best cat woman .

  3. Viceregal Dust 31 says

    It's gonna be a very tough challenge for Zoe Kravitz to top Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

  4. Robert Kelly says

    Even as a kid I knew that Penguin and Catwoman didn't belong together because of his height and looks in comparison to hers. No wonder he got rejected. She's like a head taller than him for starters.

  5. Isaac Estes says

    "Eat floor, high fiber",

  6. Catherine Cao says

    Talk about a r/niceguy.

  7. roxyfirst1 says

    Amazing Scream and Effect 5:31🙌🏼

  8. DjRave says

    Why does this sound fandubbed?

  9. Austin Dyer says

    "Be careful. Don't move."
    "Actually, you know, I think I'll just step down off the edge of the roof. Seems kinda dangerous. Catwoman put me here and to be honest, I don't know why I'm still standing here." steps down

    Problem solved. Why TF does she just stay standing on the edge of the roof like that… Also, why is Batman scared of a whip…? He could have just walked right up to Catwoman and punched her, or used a batarang or any other number of things. But no, Catwoman whips at him and he steps back scared…YOU'RE WEARING ALL OVER BODY ARMOUR. Parts of this movie were great, others were just awful and parts of the writing like this annoyed me even as a little kid. Batman '89 is far superior.

  10. Mitchell White says

    Danny is still the penguin to me! Close second is the actor from original batman TV show

  11. One Punch Man says

    Poor writing but I still love the movie anyway that’s my childhood movie

  12. Red Rebel says

    I love this remastered version

  13. Jay Wreckurtz says

    Why they didn't save her when all Batman does is save chicks thrown off or out of windows, ceases to amaze me

  14. Jay Wreckurtz says

    The banter between them is priceless
    Especially Catwoman
    This was never suppose to be a kids movie 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  15. OBARI FAN says

    IMO batman could have saved the princess, he saved lots of people in many even more difficult situations…
    It shows that he was just not quite like to…lol.


    more example of crazy women

  17. Olivier Baghdadi says

    I know thugs shoot first, ask questions later but cops too?

  18. Fuscomania ! says

    The fact that he licked his lips after that amazes and disgusts me to this day…

  19. disneymo82 says

    Poor Selina

  20. zibbyzib says

    Batman: Mistletoe could be deadly if you eat it.
    Catwoman: Mmm… But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.

  21. Mr. Vega says

    "Lawn dart! RWHEAEEAEAEEE!"

    used to say this a lot as a kid, still say it a lot at 31. lol

  22. Mario Rico says

    Que hermosa😍💓 gatubela

  23. Red Peak says

    🐱 She didn't land on her feet 🤔

  24. Jason Duerr says

    FKn bonkers movie.

  25. Francisco Leventhal says

    I can’t decide if I like burton’s or Nolan’s version of Gotham city more. But I think it’s burtons

  26. SB51Lee says

    "Eat floor!."

  27. 2000vicman says

    This is crazy… like a Tim Burton movie…he he he…

  28. Dayna Cuevas says

    Best Catwoman hands down! The reason I love comics today

  29. steven universe says

    0:45 why was he walking when chasing? Ahaha

  30. DarknuttyAndKilami1 says

    Easily the most underrated Batman film. It's on par with Batman 1989 in my opinion, maybe even better but that could be argued.

  31. Adr says

    Man o man, did they knock it out of the park. Beautiful stuff.

  32. swissbeats2k says

    This movie looks so freaking gorgeous! The cinematography is so beautiful!!!

  33. Tyrese Andujar says

    1:38 that is such a sick shot

  34. Swapnil Shinde says

    Watching Batman movies and watching Gotham makes easy to understand the entire timeline

  35. Legendary Ninja says

    Cat woman: “did somebody say fish? I hadn’t eaten all day…

    Batman: ”EAT FLOOR”

  36. Rex plays DRUMS says

    Eat floor, high fibre

  37. Steven Bentsen says

    Besides Batfleck's suit, this batsuit is my favorite, its perfect. Sharp, clean, perfect.

  38. Hilmi Arkut Akalın says

    Michael Keaton is the best Batman in the cinematic history. Amazing performance, he is a real superstar and should definitely come back as Batman for one more time! I have built this page in honor of Keaton's iconic Batman, just like and follow my page to support me! http://www.facebook.com/batman.experience

  39. Micah Rutland says

    Micheal Keaton's batsuit is my favorite. It looks so much like the comic books. Particularly a Jim Aparo drawn batman. The way his Cape and cowl look.

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