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Basketball is Back


Shout out to DiGiorno for Sponsoring this Video!

Basketball is coming back and you can’t enjoy hoops with delivery. Gotta get yourself some @DiGiorno with that fresh-baked taste with MO CHEESE straight from your oven ?? !!!

Find of where to buy ?

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  1. daf3000 says

    Never ever wanted to or even thought about buying a DiGiorno pizza until just now. Also thinking about dancing when I get eat it.

  2. Dominique Echard says

    This man is a gift. I'm so glad I stumbled across this channel. And then I read about his history and how he gives back to humanity in so many ways. Thank you!!

  3. kongito says

    ey yo anthony can a fella get the name of the song you playing?

  4. uno no u says


  5. Mario J. says

    Man has moves!

  6. Mario J. says

    Just curious whats the diet of dlineman in the season?

  7. GreatMomentsTV says

    When he did the corny team captain voice at the end "Oh You Guys!"????

  8. Steven Nguyen says

    Straight up that kitchen is micky! I'd be making 5 star meals in there. That stove top some commercial grade steel too

  9. Nic , says

    I think I’m a go get myself some of that rising crust

  10. Benjamin Farias says

    Imagine Spice Adams doing old spice commercials.

  11. Benjamin Farias says

    DiGiorno tastes like delivery if delivery was frozen.

  12. Glenn Abiff says

    Chinese are excited too ! Love that B- ball! Screw Hong Kong ! ?☂️?

  13. eoin730 says

    I think these fine gentlemen enjoy di giorno pizza ?

  14. Bear 7453 says

    “Basketball is back!!!” – two minutes and five seconds of a former pro football player eating digiorno????

  15. Yoel Hernandez says

    It's not delivery. It's DiGiorno

  16. Hermes Soza says

    Did he trick us into watching a DiGorno ad?

  17. Gina Friend says

    "Plug myself in" ?
    keep on making them moves!

  18. Joseph says

    Spice you a mfn foool!!?!!!?!!!!?!?????!!!!!!! ?????

  19. Ms Chrissie says

    Now I want pizza ??

  20. Yettify says

    ???’? ℝ??? ?? ℕ???

  21. NopeNot4It says

    You tricked me?

  22. Antiferromagnet says

    Did I just watch an advertisement

  23. Angus Johnson says

    Best Digiorno ad I’ve ever seen

  24. Gianni Mella says

    Get your bread man!

  25. Ameru Khan Bey says


  26. Ray Moon says

    I'm buying Digiorono today just so I can dance with my ? now

  27. RHN3 says

    Digiorno do be smackin tho

  28. Allen Adams says

    You crazy as hell man LMAO ?

  29. haywood jablomi says

    This had nothing at all to do with basketball, but I ain't even mad?

  30. Malik Garland says

    So the team captain nobody voted for finally got the invite to the watch party, huh?

  31. Vim the Protogen says

    Best digiorno ad

  32. Estrellitawilliams says

    DiGiorno sponsorships? Well damn! Congrats on this one! ??

  33. KNOWITALL NYC says
  34. The King says

    Hey I gotta plug myself in dog lmao!!!

  35. Lion Platinum, LLC says


  36. This Iz CLE says

    If u show up to spices and order delivery…..u might as well just get on the line!!!!!!

  37. Deon James says

    After putting a Marxist hate group like BLM on center court everyone I know will not be watching.

  38. Phalisa Tumblin says

    ????? I'm hungry now I'm going to order a pizza?

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