Ball Mastery l Coerver Coaching & Soccer Drills HOMEWORK Part 1 – 30 *GREAT* drills for Ball Control

Ball Mastery Improve your ball controll, dribbling, fast footwork, technique, first touch, fast feet and coordination with 30 Football Soccer Ball Mastery & Coerver drills als at home! Become like Messi, Ronaldo, Götze, Robben und Neymar.
Or use these drills as a coach in your training sessions in warm up or as homework for your players with videomaterial on youtube. The drills are also perfect for kids. Or use the drills to get back into the team after an injury. You don’t need much space. Use a corner of a pitch, your garden, at home or your garage. Train hard and get better!

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Here are some timcodes for Part 1:

00:08 #1 Continous Siccers
00:14 #2 Sole Taps
00:19 #3 Sole Drag
00:24 #4 Football Dance
00:31 #5 Tripple Sole Drag
00:38 #6 Sole Drag (r), Inside Push (l)
00:44 #7 Sole Drag (l), Inside Push (r)
00:50 #8 Sole Drag (r), Outside Push (r)
00:57 #9 Sole Drag (l), Outside Push (l)
01:03 #10 The V – Inside
01:08 #11 The V – Outside
01:15 #12 Pull, Puh Instep – right foot
01:21 #13 Pull, Push Instep – left foot
01:27 #14 Pull and Push Instep – both feet
01:34 #15 Tripple Pull and Push both feet
01:43 #16 Role Over, Stop
01:50 #17 Inside x , Role Over
01:56 #18 Inside x 4, Stop, Slide (out/in)
02:02 #19 Inside Cut, OutsidePush (The Messi)
02:10 #20 Inside Cut, Outside Outside Push
02:17 #21 Role Over, Stop Instep
02:26 #22 The L – right foot
02:33 #23 The L – left foot
02:41 #24 The L – both feet
02:50 #25 Role Over, Stop, Step Over
02:59 #26 Juggling Knee-High – right foot
03:06 #27 Juggling Knie-High – both feet
03:15 #28 Around Two Cones – horizontal
03:22 #29 Around Two Cones – vertical
03:29 #30 Around Four Cones – square

I usually used 6-10 of these drills in a 15-20 minute warm up with my
team once a week (you can do it also more often) in the beginning of a
training session. Afterwards we focused on other aspects of football.

For example an 15-20 min warm up:
Choose a drill (for example #1) and do it for 30-60 seconds. Take a
30-60 seconds active recovery while juggling the ball. Choose another
drill (for example #10) and do it again for 30-60 seconds… and so
You will see that you become fit and a much better feel for the ball if
you do it once or twice a week!

For an higher intensity do the drills longer and the active recovery shorter. Furthermore you can choos more drills.

View: Ball Mastery l Coerver Coaching & Soccer Drills HOMEWORK Part 1 – 30 *GREAT* drills for Ball Control

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  3. Split this video up and made individual challenges for my players to practice and upload their own videos using Google Drive. Been really productive and allowed us to keep the ball rolling during the lockdown. Thanks for the great content! Btw who is the player doing the examples. He makes it look so easy when some of them are really tough!

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