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Baby chimpanzee is learning basketball!?


ZWF’s baby chimp, Limbani, is learning how to play with a ball.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Basshealer ! says

    If you don’t like this I will tell your fbi agent

  2. Maria Ventura says

    That’s so cute I wish I could keep it

  3. Carla Rezendes says

    Te amo muito e

  4. Martin Andrew Baxter says

    Awww ?

  5. Viliami Taufatofua says


  6. Conner Radford says

    Well has a monkey trying to get a basketball

  7. Kimberly Alveno says


  8. UNKNØ WN FOX says

    Ля бля, маленький Ержан

  9. Daniel Navarro says


  10. Kanwal Sahi says

    He is goated like better than jordan

  11. Felipe Costa says


  12. Felipe Costa says


  13. Felipe Costa says


  14. lucie pouskova says

    Cuteeeee ❤

  15. Bojan Matijevic says


  16. Jojo Nims says

    Disgusting little chimp

  17. Kara Lorenzen says


  18. Keira Soler says

    I like thet Saw funy??

  19. Макиля Хасенова says

    Little monster Travis kill ➡️⛽➡️????

  20. Oskar ekman says

    Du är du på ????

  21. Jaco Charzuk says

    He is adorable!!!!!❤️

  22. Ashlee Hicks-Lewis says

    He is so cute

  23. Om Firas says


  24. Seliete Morais says


  25. Ivan Blazevic says


  26. Cggg Fggg says


  27. Zoe Bulington says

    I’ve always wanted a spider monkey I love them. ❤️❤️❤️

  28. aHaHa army says

    Thought that was a costume for a sec

  29. елена сучилова says

    Ни чего себе !!!

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