Avengers Game (PS4): is it REALLY that bad?

I checked out the very early stages of the Marvel’s Avengers Beta (this is really before the game even opens up), and I guess this is my immediate reactions! Will likely play more of the game closer to launch.



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  1. Currently playing the Xbox beta. I’m still getting use to the game. It’s not terrible. Iron mans flight could be better. Anthem did flying mechanics EXTREMELY well. So maybe I’m spoiled with their system. On the Abomination boss fight he kept disappearing and I’d have to restart. Ended up realizing it happens when I’m to close to him. So I just threw rubble at him the whole fight 😂 Block/dodge system I’m “meh” on. You can hit RT to block with characters like Iron Man, but it only lasts a few seconds when the shooting enemies shoot for twice as long as your block. The dodge works well in close fights but even then sometimes falls short. As well as the shooting enemies still manage to always hit you when you dodge or block. Seems like if you can’t jump away or dodge in the right direction to hit cover you’ll ALWAYS be hit. Overall, Not a terrible thing. Probably more of a nit pick but just becomes extremely annoying when you can’t seem to avoid damage. I pre ordered the game and I’m very excited for the full release. Gonna make Iron man one sexy looking man. But like all games just needs some work.

  2. First mission was ok. Second mission was horrible. The marvel fan club teenage girl character was like nails on a chalk board. Then spend almost 2 hours to just play the multiplayer component and have the multiplayer missions be average 5 minute romps completely lost whatever interest I had left. This game is for marvel fans only.

  3. Cheap game, it looks like a ps3 game, specially the hulk section in the forest ressembled a little TLoU on ps3. Like she said more often than not you feel like you're hitting nothing. They advetised "smashable interiors" like if it was a thing, yet almost nothing in the game is breakable, most of the things can't even be hit. Only in this opening part of the demo there were bad writing moments, like Tony saying "I though the UN forbit those some years ago" – when talking about sonic explosives… Yeah, like any villain would care about UN rules… Also the words Taskmaster before he got beat are just too cartoony. Also I felt like there was just too many QTE happening during this demo. Captain America and Black Widow felt better than the others. Iron Man only had like 2 weapons and fist fighting, Thor should have some flight mechanics like Iron Man (not that I noticed), and Hulk… Hulk is too much all over the place. I think the characters should have combos to feel more like badass heroes. For what I've seen during the short time I was invested in the demo, IMO, the game doesn't hit the current gen level of quality expected for a game at all, and I got easily disconected from it. Which is a pitty! After an oustanding game for spider-man, an Avengers one wud fit very nicely. Yet I don't feel like this is worth a full price ps4 game.

  4. This game looks so baaaaaaaaaad. People are going to fall for the bait and buy it. It's also tricky, people love Marvel movies and they are horrible in terms of script, cinematography, originality, etc., but are great in terms of entertainment and pacing. Trash ♻️

  5. “…. this game is awesome… but it sucks… but it’s not my kinda game… but I like it….. but it’s the same moves I don’t like but it works I guess… It’s literally the beginning and I’m just rambling anyway that’s my first impression hope you guys like.“ I’m like WTF (scratching head) … ok , I guess

  6. I’ve said it before in numerous videos (including a reply to a comment in this one!) but the A Day mission really does feel like a different game (a tutorial perhaps! For a AAA 30 hour single player experience!) This game was DEFINITELY changed to a game as a service micro transaction, whore out to mobile phone company’s cash grab by a corporate decision to milk dry the fan base. Shame really as a tomb raider/God of war single player game would have been epic (open world or linear)

  7. Add, pop up #1, pop up #2 with Fortnight, cut scene and the first gameplay action is a fucking QTE. I thought quick time events died after Halo 4, apparently not! And than the actual gameplay is extremely on rails and way too easy.

    Yes, ditching Deus Ex and Tomb Raider was totally worth it for this piece of piling shit.

    People are actually exited for this title? Why if I may ask? What element of this game screams I need to experience this for myself?

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