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  1. Veronica Wang says

    Thoughts on this style of video!? 🙂 ?! also code WANG for free shipping 😛 “このビデオどう思う!? 🙂 ?! コードにWANG と入力すると送料無料 :P”

  2. panciuc olga says

    Instead of doing something smart sit and eat like a cow.

  3. panciuc olga says

    This kind of videos are so annoying!!

  4. Maddie V says

    The EFFORT in camera angles 10/10

  5. Eleanor Haney says

    Why’s she wearing a black cloth over the mouth here ?

  6. Fnuffkitty says

    I would put more pieces of duck in one pancake ?


    I want too see her in real person❤️❤️❤️

  8. LittleLulubee says

    What’s the green veg she cooked?

  9. LittleLulubee says

    What’s the thing she dips at 13:18?

  10. Susana Sarabia says

    How the hell do you not get fat from eating family sized mukbangs all the time hehehe ?

  11. Bonesidedowngoof says

    I don’t know what is wrong with you, but the rule of wearing a mask doesn’t mean that you can pull it off your face just because you have to talk!! It is most important that you wear it when you talk BECAUSE the virus is transmitted through your saliva!! Go back, look at how close you were to that poor employee, talking to her without your mask!! Gross stupidity!!!

  12. Gabriella Soto says

    Girrrrrl the anxiety I felt when you got on the train & left the camera ?? love this vid ♥️

  13. Sabrina Estrada says

    Love it!! ??? great video!! Thank u ?

  14. Raven J says

    I literally love you and I’m happy about the person you have become?

  15. You Dick Twitches says

    Please make more asmr videos I love these with passion

  16. Vineeta Maran says

    she had a mask on before corona

  17. SS Food & Pickles says

    Pls subscrib my chnl ss foods n pikles I subscribd yur chnl

  18. Gloria Cartagena says

    How did u film this video?.. you did great!

  19. jenny oceguera says

    before you eat very well make sure you know how to properly wear a mask while all these covid -19 cases or this will never end lol thank you

  20. Ary Bradley says

    But I still liked all the vids

  21. Ary Bradley says

    Why do y’all chew like you never ate bedore

  22. feyza says

    That ass juicy aaafffff daaaaaamnnn

  23. Will Conway Jr says

    Can you chew food with your mouth closed? I guess not.

  24. Julia says

    Veronica girl you were ahead of the times with that black mask

  25. xana alves says

    Nice video but PLEASE stop touching your mask in public and why are you still wearing it when you cook and arranging evetything this makes no sense ?!
    Be more careful and yes I enjoyed your video ?

  26. Alexandria Sunshine says

    You and Joel Hansen the other mukbang YouTuber from Canada would make such a cute couple ❤️❤️???

  27. d1mples91 says

    I don't know how you people do mukbungs and never gain weight. Please enlighten me on the details. I think they eat early during day around dinner time and fast.

  28. Chantelle Visser says

    I'm amazed at how much food she can fit in her mouth. I'd look like a bloated chipmunk for sure.

  29. Deer Heart says

    I would love to live in Canada

  30. Human Being says

    Her hair is very beautiful.

  31. Azeemah Nakhoda says

    She’s taking off her mask everytime she talks to ppl up close… ??‍♀️. Love you tho and love seeing my home near Spadina and all the familiar places! Hahaha ? I’m gna go check out the place u went to. What’s the name?

  32. Manish Sakhare says


  33. Isaac Ishikawa says

    Ain’t no one goin talk about that cake thooo ?

  34. Taslima Chowdhury says

    You need to do more videos like this! One of my favourites ❤

  35. Candies Richardson says

    Food looks so good!!

  36. Zed says

    She was wearing a face mask before it was in fashion.

  37. Dharrshine Raj says

    Who films her???

  38. joshua martineau says

    Link mans

  39. joshua martineau says

    Heyy, I’m from Toronto to

  40. Foogly Becowsty says

    I don’t care about all this covid 19 shit I want me some Chinese food yall was loving the Chinese but now you wanna hate LOLLLLL

  41. kristic07 says

    damn thats a nice apartment how much are the rents in toranto canada

  42. ドラゴンどらどら says


  43. MelTv says

    That was cute

  44. No Pain No Gain says

    Nice ass for half Asian

  45. AriKari says

    I'm really subscribed but your videos never show up on my feed. but i love watching pretty girls stuff their faces with hella good food. ? I always have to search for you and check out the channel page to see if their are new vids

  46. Jerry Y says

    Hope you visit your grandparents soon. I really enjoy watching that episode. You really love them.

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