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Arturo Vidal: Soccer Nutshot 3. Chile vs. Colombia 2016. Pelotazo en los huevos


Balonazo en los testiculos de Arturo Vidal
Bolada no saco
Shot in the nuts

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  1. Emilia Sánchez says

    They wanna call female players weak while doing shit like this

  2. Clon 105 says

    Grotesco y posta vive lesionado este…

  3. おかやすひろ says


  4. Andro Poonoo says

    Wooooooooooow …thats double balls impact. ..dangerous area can be exploded. ..can be guarded. ..be careful next time. ..so sorry

  5. Ahmad S says

    That's a HOT & HURT…??

  6. علي الذهبي says


    vedbj m
    let u

  7. Phumzile Masilela says

    Really don't want to be woken and don't want to be woken up for that is commonly occurs

  8. Teresa Alvarado says


  9. there isnothingleft says

    Cup check!

  10. Charles Smith says

    They should wear a cup.

  11. Harry Hsieh哈喔買嘎 says


  12. chae 22 says

    Poor Daddy had his babymakers injured!
    I want to give him a good massage in the nuts…

  13. عمار محمد says

    عمل ذيااهبل

  14. Edward Marshall says

    Love to him take it out

  15. Pupin Siang says

    No hair it’s shave ?

  16. Gilberto Silva says


  17. ilfan setiawan says

    Wkwkwk Hahahaja????????????

  18. Juan Pablo Perez says

    Uno de los huevos más hermosos del fútbol mundial

  19. discoinc says

    Que falso. Cuando de verdad te pegan en los huevos ???no puedes levantarte como si nada hubiera pasado.

  20. Katerina Dudek says


  21. geo diaz says


  22. Rob del Valle says

    0:46 Fue una verdadera lástima que no haya estado ahí??

  23. Lee Bruce says


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