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Argentina ?? vs Philippines ?? – Classic Full Games | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014


Watch the FIBA classic full game between Argentina and the Philippines from the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014. Could gilaswin over Argentina?

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  1. FIBA says

    We'll live stream 2 classic games per day (12pm and 6pm GMT+1) until the end of the COVID-19 crisis, subscribe and hit the bell!

  2. Pacio Jr says

    In the past olympics, ph partcipations has still lot to improved. Observations in FIBA Olympics; 1st to coaches; coach Chot Reyes is still the best. Others involves in training and analytics are also doing well. To players; we need 3 to 4 over 7' in height, quick, can depend the basket, with good playing attitudes. Other players should have a very good consistent perimeter shooters, quick and aggreesive in the board. To guards; involve Terence Romeo, Jason Castro, Matthew Wright, and upcoming good players. But the rest should not be below 6'-5".Fajardo still the force but evaluation should be passed as he was injured for a long time. For naturalized Blatche still very formidable but if you can find a taller one who is agile, quck, shooter, can depend the board will be good. All shooting guards should passed a shooting drills. I think we will be competitive at this time. These team will rely greatly on players evaluations by both coaches. Politics shall be out in the selections to answer fully to our goals and objectives in 2023. A one year cohesive practices is recommendable…God Bless PH team…

  3. Mighty Bee Vlog says

    5:34 Parang soccer din kung mag suporta ang Argentina sa basketball team nila. ?

  4. andrei madarcos says

    Bobo patalo

  5. andrei madarcos says

    Puro talo puro yabang kse

  6. Jose Jr. Pring says

    Bad timing on substitution.

  7. Twisted says


  8. John Fernandez says

    I tot the national anthem of argentina is dont cry for me argentina

  9. Jay R Matiga says

    Palpak Ang gilas

  10. Bhirdy Salarza says

    Pinakamalupit na laro ng gilas dbest agains angentina.khit wala si Manot Ginobili

  11. Bashers' Basher says

    Filipinos are nothing against us Argentinians when it comes to Basketball

  12. Nang Nung says

    Argentina won the game but gilas earn the respect.

  13. ThrottleBLAST says

    in the alternate timeline and parallel universe GILAS BEAT ARGENTINA ?

  14. Robert quinawayan says

    Kakatuwa nakikita na natin ang flag natin na katabi ng mga bansang matatatag mabuhay ang pilipinas at saludo kay coach chot

  15. Iran Team Melli says

    Respect to Philippines from Iran

  16. Jellah Eunice says

    1:20:22 where's JMF (nobody can stop him!)

  17. Leo Abejuela says

    Sana win game to go P


    I love Philippines 🙂

  19. Joryn Lim says

    We couldve won this game if not for chot reyes being so emotional. He got carried by calls against us. You can see him doing a lot of unnecessary gestures. He being the head coach should have had the composure to remain calm and focus in the game to lead our players. Wish that was coach Tab. We mightve won 2-3 games if we had him instead.

  20. Nat Ski says

    sayang last possession kay castro, nawala sa laruan

  21. Chris Jireh Torres says

    whos the guy wearing no.9 in blue shirt?

  22. Style Your Kicks says

    Gilas for life! ?? puso!

  23. Flinstone TV says

    Aguilar 6'9" bubu mg laro patalo

  24. LJ Doske says

    Even the commentators were looking for Fajardo..

  25. CJ Smiles says

    nagkandalokoloko na ang gilas nung wala na c castro and alapag..veterans sa international pressures

  26. CJ Smiles says

    williams a filipino..best pointguard of asia

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