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  1. If your are interested in Intelligent System, and if you want to understand the nature of Intelligence: Search these in Wikipedia:
    1. Computational Cognitive Science
    2. Cognitive NeuroScience
    3. Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence;
    4. Mathematical Neuroscience
    and Cognitive Science in general….

    Fortunately IISC is Center For Neuroscience(CNS) And there are really good professors and researcheres working on cognition…
    and CNS is often looking for interested student from computer science branch…
    Well, for me it is very meaningful to study the nature of intelligence…

  2. Sir, I am one of your students and I think its time for you to make a video on what cloud computing is, as you said at the end of this video that in cloud computing we combine all these areas into one. It will complete this video it will make sense since you have already talked about all the other domains hence if you cover about the cloud as well we will have the full idea with your perspective and could then make better decisions. I know this comment will never get any response but still, I wrote it considering a probability.

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