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Apple iPhone SE vs $400 Android Smartphone


iPhone SE 2020 –
Samsung A51 –
Samsung A71 –

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  1. Unbox Therapy says

    Which one would you choose for your money?

    iPhone SE 2020 – https://amzn.to/2WmIMBz
    Samsung A51 – https://amzn.to/2A99ggV
    Samsung A71 – https://amzn.to/2WFPjpR

  2. Zare Zajrinov says

    I'm not team iphone I have an android same as my mom who just got an a51 and after installing all of her apps and data it started lagging. I would rather get an iphone 8plus or a se because at least it won't start lagging after less than a month. The only good Android budget phone is the 1+ Nord.

  3. Jhaimes Allen says

    SE is a joke hahaaha

  4. Huzaifa Azam says

    Definitely going for the A51…cos apparently in Pakistan iPhone SE 2020 costs around 660 USD equivalent (Rs. 110000 PKR) while the A51 costs a mere 326 USD (Rs. 54000 PKR). I'm already an iPhone user but the price tag sucks here on an iPhone. So I guess Samsung it is then…

  5. Martin Angelo Mooney says

    Thank you so much lew for your pocophone f1 video more than a year ago. I got this device after watching that video and its still a great phone to now. for me pocophone is still the flagship killer even with these new phones with newer design.

  6. Floxirity says

    haha samsung is better

  7. Stanley Sanchez says

    This guy is the biggest iPhone hater I’ve ever seen in my life lmaooo

  8. Mr Ed says

    Don't strain your eyes on the SE 2020, get a galaxy instead and save your vision and money.

  9. AT_9_ says

    Apple just ripped off people who bought iPhone 8 lol

  10. Dennis Danailov Gunhildrud says

    In the future apple may not even chip the screen on the phone when you buy typically apple

  11. Dudofall says

    Neat comparison, but why not bring in a different brand of phone for the third choice? Nokia or Motorola both have mid-range offerings too.

    (Edit: To be fair, like he says, neither is really a big name like Samsung)

  12. Ito ꕥ says

    switched from iphone 8 after being team apple for 8 years to samsung a51 two weeks ago, im not returning to apple any time soon just saying

  13. Kent Harmon says

    3:19 me who was lucky to get $100 off a new SE: ???

  14. Friedrich Wunderlich says

    Except for Japan and the US, iPhone SE (64GB) costs over 520 USD, thus we have to compare it with some 500 USD Android devices.

  15. Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar says

    Iphone is just different ball game. User experience matters. I am an Android user but man, i would buy an iPhone if i could. Experience is just so polished in an iOS.

  16. Justin's Cinema says


  17. Justin's Cinema says


  18. Justin's Cinema says

  19. Veronica Guzman says

    Iphone SE is on the carcass of the iphone7

  20. Grayson Snell says

    Hola tech

  21. Samin Ahamed says

    he probably deep throated the Samsung phones after the review. Biased reviews as always.

  22. 8 Enable says

    Features, Features, features. isn't that what the car salesman gets you with? 
    When all most people do is drive from A to B, with a little bit of C?
    So what do most people do with their phones?
    I think the iPhone is every clever in targeting that market.
    As for headphone jacks… Aren't people convinced that they want bluetooth headgear.

    Great video – informative – thank you.

  23. goldenmxnae says

    I love how apple just dominates its customers to stay loyal to them- like damn xD istg why do people have to hate on android it's just another software just like apple- u don't have to judge a person entirety by the phone they use-

  24. 차수찬 says

    Most SE videos only applied for US market

  25. Jackie Mae says

    Is the A51 or A71 waterproof?

  26. RedPanda says

    Lol, iPhone looks like a toy compared next to those two

  27. David Hammer says

    lol I watched this whole video on my iphone SE 2020 and it stayed at 100% the whole time

  28. Robert B says

    Casual thoughts on SE – what it is and what it is not. Preface. Coming from Moto X 1st gen Android (also 4.7). Engineering was A+ although it did not have the very top end specs as others(like SE). I wanted a phone to 'really' work, connect, call quality, fast and last. Delivered. Still running strong 6 yrs later 1 update.

    Now, at issue. My brother needs to replace his iphone 4. (no trade in love from anyone – oh well). He's been paying att for 4G speed, a 4G data plan while using a 3G phone and less than a gig data/mn, but I digress. I found two great plans for LTE 4G 20-30/mn.

    SE: If u consider who its for and avg use, I get the choices Apple made. The size works for many ie pockets and on the go. Some video usage. but basic use otherwise. So, it provides a sense of quality, speed and power for a days use if needed @ $350-$399.

    The monster chip gives the phone a little market hype, but also helps with usability, camera, app loads/use and presumably rock solid usage in a smaller tight package. Also, perhaps future IOS surprises. I think the use focus, size and apple brand @399 place it in a product mix that can't be ignored. Not perfect, but hits a mark that's hard to find in the market.

    Example, I was set to the bro the new Moto G Power now $149! unlocked, but display is a bore and its 6.4. Not sure the bro (older gen) is ready to go from iphone 4 to 6.4. I do wish SE was slightly larger maybe 5.2. That's my issue now in shopping for his replacement. Budget price, a few top end specs and size. Very few options I have found so far other than the SE. Most budget androids are 6.5 to 6.7 size. I am looking for 5.2. under $400, LTE 4g. Any ideas?

  29. spidy9237 says

    naked truth…apple seems to me like CCP (china communist party)..

  30. Chris Dever says

    Androids are absolutely trash lol it doesn’t matter what android it is, I’d feel like a second class citizen.

  31. Magatrick says

    Why is the se’s clock three hours off tho?

  32. a06cc says

    I’ll never go Android for security reasons. You get the better deal with Apple. I traded my 8 in for the SE for 245.00 USD. The hardware with Apple enhances the tech inside the phone. The phones process are smooth and at times too fast. The battery isn’t bad, but not great. Settings in your phone will save you battery life. I’m running IOS 14 on my phone and it’s great! Get a fast charger and you’re all set. Trade the SE in when the new 12 with the 5.42 inch size comes out. No one ever mentions the trade in value with Apple.

  33. Olivia Timm says

    laughs in Note 3 with LineageOS

  34. Md Adil Ahnaf says

    You can get the S10 Lite 8/128 for 450$ now. That will be a fair comparison not this one

  35. Daniel Green says

    There is not a single reason to buy Apple unless you are a low self esteem stupid kid or hate money.

  36. nuno Rodrigues says

    OnePlus watches this:

    Laughs in Nord

  37. begley09 says

    After owning a couple different 2nd tier iPhones, I had enough so I swapped to android- I love it. I bought my A50 for $220.00 CAD about a year ago and everything is still going strong, no worrying about charging my phone daily.

  38. Cordray Crabbe says

    I hate Apple more than anyone, but I think the SE is a genuinely good product and a solid value (by Apple standards). In fact, I switched to it from a Galaxy Note 8 that was crapping out on me after only two years. Not too pleased with the longevity of my Samsung. A13 = many years of iOS updates = longevity

  39. Huels says

    LOL who uses AUX in 2020 let alone 2018?

  40. Creme Caramel says

    Tip to all Android users on Android 10. Enable gestures and put animation speed at 0.5 and your phone feels like a flagship. Nothing new to enthusiasts but the average person should know.

  41. Nayyar Yaqoob says

    Only reason someone would buy se is because of optmization. Because of cameras gaming software updates otherwise the Samsung is good

  42. Luis Camacho says

    The problem with Samsung A series – they won’t be supported for more than a year because they are so many variations- IPhone IOS is a single package – the processor and architecture of neural engine is king for support – I picked up a se as a secondary and I find myself picking it up more than my IPhone Pro – why simplicity – fingerprint sensor I think – and bloatware in Samsung is another crap you have to deal with – they may have more specs but in reliability- IPhone wins – camera optics – IPhone has it down to a science

  43. Anthony Porreca FPVRC says

    I like the Motorola phones. Samsung is way to cheep. Don't let the big screen fool you its cheep not rugged at all. The Motorola is far superior.

  44. Anthony Porreca FPVRC says

    You can basically do anything you need to do from a phone with any of these models. Getting into the tid for tat is exactly what you don't want to do with a phone. Its just not really worth your while.

  45. Austin Hansch Vlogs says

    my dad and i switched from verizon to spectrum mobile and he bought me the Samsung Galaxy A51 and i love it so much

  46. Perseus Arkouda says

    Not a good phone? Who cares? We still need it because we can't have friends without it! What IS personality? What IS pride? I don't understand!

  47. Ray 2020 says

    “If battery life doesn’t matter to you, first we’re not friends anymore”. ?
    Loved that part , great ?
    Besides you made me laugh you also made some things very clear. Thanks.

  48. Marko Galović says

    If you have ever used samsung A71 you would understand what kind of a garbage this iphone realy is

  49. APotatoes Friend says

    FOV: Quake Pro

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