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Apple Hits FB Gaming With Shady Restrictions – Inside Gaming Daily


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Facebook Gaming has joined the ranks of Microsoft and Google as the latest to get hit with weird gaming restrictions from the App Store. Apple insists that these restrictions are to keep GAMERS safe, which in practice sounds great – but then why are they so lenient with other apps that don’t directly compete with their OWN gaming business? Hmmmmmmmm interesting. Almost like they don’t wanna host any competition on their platforms! Join us as we chat about the details on today’s Inside Gaming Daily.

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  1. BOSS VJ BEAST says

    Apple is like the sony but for apps

  2. Angry Kittens says

    Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, fighting over cloud gaming is hilarious. Because actual gamers aren't even using it.

  3. Bill Stewart says

    This is terrible. Just give me the info without all the interstitial bullshit.

  4. COIN 420 says

    All apple does is do stupid shit i dont understand why people use their crap.

  5. TXDMD says

    damn, this may actually make me switch to android for the first time. gamepass anywhere is too good to pass up.

  6. TheCreepypro says

    well I learned a bunch of stuff I didn't know before and laughed so not a bad video

  7. Ahmad Al-Qaidy says

    It seems that apple doesn’t want to lose Apple Arcade subscribers

  8. Agent Smith : Retro Gamer says

    I use an app called Chive on the Apple App Store to stream my Xbox to my phone and iPad. And with my router acting as a server with another phone app I can play anywhere that has wifi

  9. Grabehn says

    I just lost it when they talked about widgets, to this day I'm yet to use one, or even learn what they're for.

  10. Apple are hand down the worst

  11. Abiy BattleSpell says

    safe and trusted. and yet when i subbed to a app it didnt tell me that my yrly sub would be refunded and removed when i subbed monthly. ya maby fix that before ya try to claim ur service is trusted

  12. bearsoundz says

    Shady restrictions seams to to fit the subject…
    I have yet to see one single 'game' on FB, that does NOT have a shady functionality, in its mechanics.
    All FB 'games' are money-vacuums not a byte more legit, than all the awful Casino and Slot- machine vendors, FB seams to build 90+ % of their sc. 'Advertising' plan upon 😖😖

  13. whatever says


  14. No Man's Land says

    And that's why I like android…

  15. ShrekLiveActionMovie420 says

    That N64 setup 😍😍😍😭😭😭

  16. Esteban Palomera says

    where can i get more connor asmr? or more connor in general?

  17. ashtiboy says

    well if they keep makeing apple mad enough apple will just buy out Intel NVIDIA and AMD and then Microsoft and sonny and netedo won't be laughing at the point becuse apple is so massive they can just eat those hardware cpu amd gpu componeys without brakeing bleary a dent in there income alone there that massive apple is just sick of pepole just being lasy not maeking uptodate code that doen't crash and frezze fro now reasion

  18. Tony Gh says

    They just need to implement the system into the mobile browser. Apple cant control what you search on a browser

  19. Michael Lollar says

    Did they evaluate Chrome's Dinosaur game?

  20. DSP Blacker says

    Its like expecting Sony to add Xcloud on PS5, Apple is trying to make its own gaming store

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