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Apex Legends – Season 6 Gameplay Trailer Music || Bobby Sessions – Fight (Declaration Remix)


Apex Legends – Season 6 – Boosted – Gameplay Trailer Song

Bobby Sessions – Fight (Declaration Remix)

Bobby Sessions:

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P.S. I don’t claim any ownership of this song and picture. All rights belong to their respective owners! If you want to remove your track or picture, please let me know so i can remove it from my channel immediately!


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  1. Brezo says

    weakest trailer and song out of all the gameplay trailers

  2. Carolain Valentine says

    Thank You 🙌💙😍

  3. Javier Ling says

    Cool music: made this
    Also cool music: Boom!

  4. RitzKing says

    EA is really good at music in their games 😍

  5. Odkool says

    not first

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