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Anti-Fashion: A Manifesto for the Next Decade | Li Edelkoort | #BoFVOICES


Li Edelkoort, one of the world’s most respected trend forecasters, gave a provocative talk on stage at VOICES, Here, she shares her thoughts on why the fashion system is broken, and how the industry can catch up with today’s reality and regain its cultural value as a change agent that pushes society forward. VOICES is BoF’s new annual gathering for big thinkers in partnership with QIC Global Real Estate. Subscribe to BoF to watch more #BoFVOICES Videos ►►

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  1. shoshana 1610 says

    Liddle Li is one confused marxist who wants it both ways: she doesn’t like the idea of individual designers but couture is the future. Who will lead the idea if everyone is equal? She shows a film of some middle class guy hand making tweed in a trendy studio in east London and thinks everyone can afford this kind of clothing? Seriously? And at the end we see a couple of domestic terrorists and their quotations and finally the three French words that that heralded the French Revolution and the Terreur. This is what happens when you know nothing about history and just pick and choose what you think is trendy without any deeper understanding.

  2. gal8573 says

    Love this speech. Might have some bearing on the teaching of the humanities. I do think people are learning to sew and to convert old clothes into new fashions at home and understand how wasteful the industry is being environmentally as well…

  3. MsRazno says

    Videos in her speech are mute.. And I don't agree with men situation.

  4. alexander loebe says

    Een van de allergrootste oplichsters die de vorige eeuw ons heeft opgeleverd.
    Ze doet me altijd denken aan het gezegde:
    als je een hoerrr in der gezicht spoegt, dan zegt ze dat het regent ……

  5. Valeriia BONDAR says

    Such a brilliant mind worth admiration. Watching this in 2020 and witnessing some of these trends rapidly coming true – exciting, breathtaking, inspiring!

  6. ww2001 says

    This woman is fabulous. All of the audience cuts are full dumbass expressions of the fashion elite who are terrified of change. This is the problem with the industry, the inability to modernize.

  7. kaalmansur says

    17:07 looks as if she was recognizing how much money she is going to lose bec of this manifesto, haha.

  8. Soidée Romero says

    Love it! Where can we read online that paper?

  9. Angie Harper says

    Hey it's Mrs. Doubtfire.

  10. Andrea Andrea says


  11. daezjn says

    The Oracle has spoken!

  12. Alexandru Ilica says

    guys , girls , what I want to say is: be YOU ! , she is not a model to follow , ofc she is a part of fashion but don't get to attach to it ! she is more like "follow me " don't do this ,don't do that ..she has some criticism that is good in our eyes but it's all about playing the game and follow her agenda ! …and most important thing DON'T FOLLOW ANY GUIDE LINE , just be you …express yourself , is not only about how they look , materials – colors , shapes ..etc ..is emotion ,is the story , even if it doesn't look that good in other ppl eyes …at least is not the same shit ! – Assumption – limit you ! – Think like a fashion designer ?! – NO – think like you !

  13. Nephtalim Antoine says

    For the first time that i can even remember, I'm completely engaged with what this woman is saying.
    Some of these Ideas (merging design deprtments, smaller brands for pre shows) I brought forward to my first ever fashion tutor, she laughed and said i wouldnt get far in the industry if im going to think like that and said i was greedy for trying to put more in a show than normal and i couldnt weave Film and fashion. I just want to watch this 500 times. i honestly can't believe there is someone with thew same thought who is also so high up in the industry! i dont feel like such an idiot now. TTHANKS YOU BOF

  14. jonso says

    Surely by definition a manifesto should be public. Why do you have to pay £25 to read the manifesto online?

  15. Boaz Johnson says

    What did she say at 5:15 ??

  16. Oss Delmar says

    OMG 20:18 dude falling asleep!!! Who edited that?

  17. Oss Delmar says

    The message is perfect but its funny how Li makes many anti-fame points while the cameraman and editing keep showcasing Amber Velletta throughout the video.

  18. Oss Delmar says

    sound disappears during the video.

  19. ad da says

    L'élégance et le chic doivent revenir partout sans ça la mode est finie! "anti-fashion" ça ne veut rien dire du tout! prada/gucci'shiit syndrome!

  20. Thea Perez says

    I love her idea of having larger brands adopt smaller/ new brands and allowing them to have opening shows utilizing the big brands resources. It is a win-win idea: the small brand gets a venue and eyes on their product and the established brand shows that they are not out of touch. Wonderful!

  21. ad da says


  22. Badder W says

    Many french fashion schools (i dont want to put names) needs to watch this video to understand the world we are living in.

  23. Jane C.K. says

    What a great video. Thank you so much for the upload.

  24. Christoph Tsetinis says

    never heard so much shit

  25. Helen says

    What happened to the sound? Too bad.

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