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Ant Middleton's Roberto Carlos-esque Free-Kick ⚡?| Soccer AM Pro AM


Premier League legend Kevin Phillips and SAS Who Dares Wins toughman Ant Middleton take on the Soccer AM Pro AM to win Huddersfield fans cash.

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  1. Ceretic Of Elmet says

    Ant Middleton changed since he stopped working with Declan

  2. Cameron Branford says

    Why not football am ?

  3. Untz says

    Gum and gear for days

  4. LD Opens says

    Jimmy hes got Roberto Carlos in his locker

  5. Billy Pearl says

    I miss soccer am

  6. Frags says

    Why is the name Soccer AM and not Football AM? Where not American ahah

  7. Harrison Boulter says

    Swear to god, there’s nothing Ant Middleton can’t do

  8. Samtheman53 says

    weren't Suarez and Sturridge also known as SAS? silly question

  9. Louis Legend says

    Denis Suarez played for Barcelona

  10. TheFitzyTV says

    Worst performance I’ve seen by the fans. So confident with their answers as well?

  11. Nick Szell says

    Where’s our slow mo on ants free kick ?

  12. water says

    "Lose bottom text" lol 4:40

  13. Jake Walson says

    God football is so lame

  14. Hiva Hardy says

    They didn't need Kevin Phillips

  15. ReaLGameR says

    4:32 free kick ?

  16. Zak Zanotti says

    SAS was not shearer and Sutton. It was shearer and Sheringham

  17. Lewis Miggs says

    Guy on the left is a 1st class tool.

  18. Chris Roebuck says

    The sas was shearer and sheringham though

  19. Hurricane says

    2.27 i think one of the contestants broke

  20. mark jeffers says

    Bullard must have had a thousand attempts to do that easily

  21. Bfc Clarets says

    3:27 how do you get that wrong

  22. RJ 7102000 says

    Keven Phillips breathes:
    Huddersfield fan: SUUUUUPPPERR

  23. jerry helmut says

    Belter of a free kick.

    Rangers fan ??

  24. ket says

    3:12 easy question that

  25. Stewart Grindlay says

    It is a really good stop from Philips pen at the end

  26. Joe Mudd says

    Suarez and Struiddge also were SAS

  27. Jack Henderson says

    Ant is sooo good

  28. Adam Hopkins says

    Lose bottom text

  29. Truth in Life Woken says

    What a save ?

  30. Frank Jomungle says

    Lose bottom text

  31. Theatre4150 says

    get wayne rooney on the show please

  32. Adham kobeissi says

    Seriously fuck the keeper

  33. trev brown says

    Pair of dumb


    The question in which player where names the SAS. They got right. Sturridge and Suarez.

  35. Russ W says

    Glad he saved it. He looked at the answer an cheated. Also they knew fuck all of the answers lol

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