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The timing and syncing is a little off when when it was recording and I did noticed, so I do apologize about that guys!

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. spica mylove says

    this type of raw rock and roll sound, difficult to find at USA for been 20 years around.
    all metalheads has to thank them. right?(●^o^●)

  2. Dr. Frenier says

    hey mighty – so glad you got to this one. one of their most kick ass tunes and in my top 5 maid songs. would have loved a real mv from them on this.

  3. Monty Williams says

    one of my work mates said his daughter wanted to play an instrument i let him listen to this at work them showed him the mv thrill guess who is no learning the drums love to see this 0n live band maid #1

  4. radioraffa says

    EVERYONE .. .BTW for all those into BANDMAID ..This Week! .On JULY 23, 2020 BANDMAID is having a ONLINE CONCERT at 4pm JST (Japan Time) which is 3am EST here (use an online time converter for your area.) But that's ok you can watch it at a later time (like within 24 to 48 hours.) Just go their website https://bandmaid.tokyo/contents/329203 and join for free and then go from there by following the links. For less than 20 bucks you can see these girls live. If you like them, Support them! They don't make anything from youtube. They haven't been able do much since this Coronavirus Apocalypse. So support these super talented ladies who are putting a smile on your face by making awesome music!! If you Don't Know…Now you Know.. Pin It! Re-post It! Spread the Word! Tell em Radioraffa Sent ya! 🙂

  5. Jorge Franco says

    Don't think you have done "I cant live without you" yet, its a dope song!

  6. Muzicman 2112 says

    Man, I wish you can check out decided by myself, cannot find it on video

  7. Dave Cook says

    MISA MISA MISA! 4pm Japanese Standard Time (JST UTC+9) Thursday 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST Australia UTC+10) Thursday 12am LA Time (UTC-8) Thursday 3am New York Time (UTC-5) Thursday

  8. M xx3506xx says

    Shake That is BEST song !

  9. ME262 Talon says

    Thanks Mighty and Steven! Great song and reaction!

  10. Brett Marlar says

    Classic 80's Metal vibe in this scorcher!!!??????? KURRAPO!!!????????
    I hear more Iron Maiden, Metal Church, with some sprinkling of Motley Crue.
    Couldn't afford the tickets. ???

  11. Gary Holloway says

    Hi M.A. Now that the pro footage has all gone,can you please listen to BAND-MAID "Honey". Kanami's solo goes all sorts of crazy on this. P.S. I have takeaway on speed dial & a fridge full of beer for the 23rd. See you there.

  12. Charles Velten says

    Songs worth checking out if you haven't already. Which to me have a similar vibe. Order, My One and Only, Arcadia Girl, Don't Let Me Down.

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