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Android Studio For Beginners Part 1


This video will demonstrate (1) how to setup a project in Android Studio, (2) how to navigate within Android Studio to build a simple Android application, and (3) how to debug and run an Android app.

Here is a link to my entire Android series of videos:

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  1. kanan alizade says

    I don't speak english but I can say your lesson, your explain best ever.

  2. Onyekachi Igbozuwike says

    Hey, please help: the link for the Java SDK thing isn't working

  3. laya karal says

    watch this video ten times then everyone can understand

  4. MacKenze Hollister says

    what language is he using? kotlin or java?

  5. 0nly Music says

    how to add voice message feature for chat app in andriod by using java .any api or packages available for the process pls tell me sir

  6. Surt McGert says

    i dont like the programming practices shown here but as far as showing how to use android studio,reallly hellpful so cheers

  7. Aniekan Essien says

    The red dot on the constraint layout till shows on mine, how should I remove it…?

  8. Raj S says

    Very informative video for a beginner like me. Very clearly mentioned each and every starting steps. I did the way you mentioned and the output was 100% correct . This is the first time I am learning Android . You area an efficient Teacher. I like the way you teach.Thank you!!

  9. iUFOm says

    “things of that nature” ???

  10. Andrew Yang says

    Thank you. This is incredibly helpful!

  11. Mr♤Sir says
  12. Criste Stolvads says

    There must be an Android Studio for Android that I do not know any type of problem to install the children that one installs it and already brings everything true because here the computers that are used in Windows I can be three problems compatibility There are people like me we are not lucky family What is terrible and it must be because the application has the bad that android study and I downloaded everything and not of any kind of problem

  13. Ahmet says

    My app crashes when I hit the add button. How do I solve it?

  14. Zahraa Hoosen says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! Super useful and helpful. You are wonderful 🙂

  15. Gerardo says

    31:00 Isn't better to use and teach a Test Driven Development method insted of debuging??

  16. ELAM Academy says

    thanks for this.. just subbed to the channel. very helpful

  17. ELAM Academy says

    what is eclipse and what is the difference with android studio?? i want to learn to program. please help.

  18. Ashish Ankit says

    Thanks a lot!!

  19. ALI ASGER says

    My project is not running. In fact its not initiating at com.example.myapplication.MainActivity.onCreate(MainActivity.java:12)

  20. Afrah Minhaj says

    How can we use result + " " ? Since Result is an integer . Isn't that supposed to be syntactically wrong

  21. HowtoCGI School says

    Very well explanation ! Really glad that I have found your channel. I'm really looking forward to improve my coding skills with the help of your tutorials

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