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Android Basics: How to connect a controller to your Android device


How to connect your Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch controllers to your Android phone or tablet.

Get a PS4 controller:
Get an Xbox One controller:
Get a Nintendo Switch Pro controller:

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  1. yktv_jln4 says

    It never worked for me, nothing showed on my Bluetooth

  2. Magik Brothers says

    mine is not turning blue what do i do?

  3. SleekLemur says

    Things might have changed by now, but when I open geforce now the controller doesn't lock on to the game, so buttons like B close me out of the game. Any way to fix this?

  4. lalonator100 says

    Can we connect by a cable?

  5. V3TEXZ says

    What android version can handle a contorler

  6. Pers0n Man says

    What game is that 1:51

  7. Suzanne W says

    Can this all be streamed to a smart tv too?

  8. Oliver Grewin says

    Higher precision? No, there's a really big deadzone, so fps games are impossible. Do you know how to fix this?

  9. dez drill says


  10. Hunter Donaldson says

    I hold down the power button to my Ps4 controller but it already starts blinking, the Bluetooth connect pops up but still after i hold down both buttons it wont stay on. I need abit of help please.

  11. deathstroke destroyer says

    Liar I wanted it to work on a lg stylo 5

  12. Jason Howells says

    Getting all these devices connected to your phone is really easy, but the mapping/remapping is shocking, I know I want to set a newly bought PS4 controller too type 1, but I just cannot seem to get it done, I don't have a PS4 console so I cannot remap them using that, how about a video on remapping?

  13. EVERYTHING says

    Will this work with a one plus 8

  14. Hannah Wallace says

    …I have an s10 Samsung i belive a newer model would it work because I've tried everything and it still wont work

  15. Sabre Aran says

    Stupid question I THINK but will the xbox game pass know if you are using a PS4 controller on your phone?

  16. hydro' kiing says

    Is my controller the only one that connected but didnt work

  17. R. B. says

    With xcloud coming this is huge.

  18. Peyton Thomas says


  19. Epic Cheif says


  20. PandaPlayz says

    Can u do xbox 360 plss

  21. CHAOSMAKER Y T says

    I tried it with my Xbox One S but it just turns on my Xbox and doesn't pop up on my phone

  22. jeeva bothi says

    Can play with Xbox controller on gloudgame

  23. Branplayz Gaming says

    im not hitting like

  24. Branplayz Gaming says


  25. Gio Productions says

    Did not even work

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