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Android 11 developer preview first look


Google has announced an early developer preview of Android 11, the next version of Android. The changes so far are mostly for developers, but there’s a few neat new features, like chat Bubbles, better app permissions, and more.

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  1. The Verge says

    What feature are you most excited for?

  2. gratienne Coppens says

    Heel goed

  3. Afdal Ridwan says

    Who would win?
    Android 11 vs MIUI 12 vs IOS 13

  4. Mohit Sati says

    What people don't understand is, how important these changes are for us "developers". A new UI component is much easier to incorporate than a new compliance.

    Actually most of the time, I find it easier to implement a new UI feature, than to make the app compliant with new rules.
    I am looking forward to this release, as it is mostly about improving the platform as a whole rather than just rolling out an UI gimmick.

    Although, you won't see any fancy UI/UX, but you will love the androidOS even more after this update. And the little box which you might see in the new update, asking for one time permission, do click that.

    -Android dev here, for all the android users, ask me anything you need to know.

  5. Anuj Kumar says

    Samsung has implemented so many of these features on my S9+ already

  6. Follow The Bass says

    One UI 2.0 already has screen recording on Samsung devices
    such as Huawei
    so basically I'm waiting for One UI 3.0 instead of Android 11, hmm

  7. Aleks says

    Will Samsung Galaxy s9 gets it?


    I already have most of these features in my s 9 plus

  9. Geeky Vids says

    I always love new tech.

  10. B Cruela says

    Is it wrong to watch this video just because the presenter is hot

  11. Jake Duggan says

    I'm waiting for Android to become a rolling release like Windows 10, Chrome OS, Gentoo Linux and Arch Linux. Better still, Google should leave Android and have its own phone OS now it is in the hardware game. Android is a mess at the moment. People are running old insecure versions of android because manufactures drop support for devices after one or two years. I understand why people don't want to buy a $1500-$2000 phone every year. Most average people upgrade a flagship phone every 2-5 years. If you don't own an Iphone or a Pixel then you are asking for hackers and thieves to have their way with you. I can see the appeal for apple products, you are paying for long term security and product support. Besides Google and Samsung (to an extent), you don't get that piece of mind.

  12. FUTURE says

    Such a wasted video. There are already lot of those features in Android 10 (bubles, increased sensitivity, and you can record video withthird party apps). You didnt show real changes, like the fact they finally fixed keyboard animation.

  13. luis martinez says

    While using app option been out on Android 10

  14. Johnnel 2 says

    Any updates about Fuchsia OS?

  15. Geeky Vids says

    I always love new tech. Are you a geeky person like me?

  16. Geeky Vids says

    I always love new tech.

  17. Ryker Edits says

    iOS 11: Screen Recording
    Android 11: Screen Recording
    *Did The Number 11 Mean Screen Recording?

  18. ツStalker says

    Bruh! I just got android 10, like give me a minute ?

  19. xiNFaMoUz---x says

    I can do this with my note10+ xD

  20. Ahabab Zarif says

    2:27 this already exists in Android 10

  21. worldwidehappiness says

    I'm looking at these Android 11 preview videos and they are all full of fluff. Just get to the point!

  22. Kiên Đỗ Trung says

    Heard a rumour that APK installation from sources such as apktovi apktodee etc. will be turned off on Android 11? Can anyone please confirm that??

  23. Asif Shahriar says

    i see it just as same android 10 , this is just funny

  24. wLaw says

    Will screen recording has the feature record internal audio as well ? For game streamer on the go, because ios has best screen recording feature with mic on compare to android.

  25. Julian Waters says

    "Google I/O this year"


  26. Furn says

    Is it just me or does Android 10 have some of these? More so on a Samsung…

  27. KeaneJ123 says

    I am just using Android 5.0 🙁

  28. Rick says

    Screen recording and 3 app permissions were already released in 10

  29. Most of the features the Samsung already had the in Android 10 and 9

  30. Sucharith Battina says

    Superb Video.

  31. Rex Longfellow says

    Now they just need to improve their hardware

  32. Zack Phelps says

    Had a lot of these on my note 9 already ?

  33. Burrito Master says

    Waiting for android 10 >:T

  34. Woah did you say 5g? That stuff kills you like there was a flock of birds flying past a 5g tower and as soon as they got near they all just fell out the sky seriously the 5g waves r so strong yeah it's faster but its life over tech

  35. snax.s says

    internal audio screen record 🙁

  36. Andriod 12 In 2021
    Andriod 13 In 2022
    I Love Andriod

  37. 9Tailsfan says

    lol fyi Text Now has chat head bubbles. Had this for some time now.

  38. Badoo Renc says


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