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This is my full REACTION to vannda demon music video go ahead and subscribe ?

Source: https://blogema.org
Read more all post Video : https://blogema.org/video/
  1. ខ្មែរ រីមិច says


  2. Sok Sbay says

    OK bro Cambodia Thanks U At Fan Vannda Love U So much ??❤️

  3. KING OF NOOB says

    Do you like this song?

  4. F-G Cambodia says
  5. กาน สุข says


  6. Mrr Vn says

    Since you so much bro ? Cambodia ??❤️

  7. Minath Music says

    Thanks you so much for reaction VANNDA song❤?Love your reaction from Cambodia ??

  8. Arissara. Palasit says


  9. Thavery PTL says

    Idol ?

  10. Bong Za says

    I’m from Cambodia????????

  11. Na Fee says

    Wow now Vannda have international fan❤️??

  12. SING says

    Thank you for Reaction Original song Cambodia??

  13. Mrr Tho Official says

    Love you so much brother ? from Cambodia ???

  14. kim Leang says

    Mrr Vannda so famous in Cambodia ???

  15. Chansocheata Khon says

    Wow, amazing music video ??.y
    Thank you for reaction ????

  16. Somrith Officials says

    Frist mv new thank you bro???????

  17. nayh ak168 says


  18. Leeminhak Vlog says


  19. Chhay BaBoGam says

    Nice reaction ?

  20. Doi Phan says

    vannda hot from Vietnam ??❤

  21. Ar says

    I love the way u say

  22. Mr. Mao says


  23. Vi Rak says


  24. Vang Kimhur says

    Good Cambodia VannDa

  25. DY ZIN says

    Love my country Cambodia ???
    I love vanda my idol ❤️

  26. Leang Bros Chanel says

    Thank you so much for reacting, this song is very meaningful, I wish your Chanel you tube Extensive cubscribe??

  27. Norn Channyz says

    Hope your speechless was come true.

  28. seng pisey says


  29. សុគន្ធ វិច្ឆិកា says

    Love Reaction bro ❤️

  30. Ma Nit says


  31. មនុស្សមាន បុណ្យ says

    Like you❤️. me????

  32. Ros Kh says


  33. tak nhem says


  34. Chhi Vichheka says

    Oh wow I’m so thank you your reaction from Cambodia ??

  35. Dee Yaw says

    I like to Reaction Cambodian ??

  36. bro Ty sasa says


  37. Tonar Juniver says

    First ❤️???

  38. G Thy official says


  39. chheng sophary says

    First reaction

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