Amazon's Expired Food Problem

Amazon is shipping out food products from third-party sellers that are expired, stale, or tampered with. Four months after CNBC first reported the problem, a new analysis found the sellers are still shipping expired food, even as regulation begins to catch up.

Amazon told CNBC that this happens in very isolated incidents, and that it will suspend or terminate a seller’s account for violations of its strict policies. Still, the CNBC analysis found expired hot sauce, beef jerky, granola bars, Doritos, coffee creamer and baby food being sold by third-party sellers, which can impact consumer trust of the brands and Amazon itself.

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Amazon’s Expired Food Problem

View: Amazon's Expired Food Problem

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23 bình luận trong “Amazon's Expired Food Problem

  1. I can't believe sellers are taking advantage of customer's money by providing them expired food. It's sometimes hard to manage all of these expired food and they might be hard to identify on these products as they try to meet the one day shipping default. But the Amazon platform should be improved upon, so it wouldn't be confusing for people to find reliable reviews on the website or third party sellers who are selling these expired products. Expiration dates should be mandated and put on the products to prevent selling expired foods. I agree that we should avoid all thrid party sellers because most of the time, they are just trying to get rid of these expried items to gain money, reagrdless of the quality of it. I'm glad people are speaking up about this to avoid expired products and to demand change with their algorithm.

  2. I've been an Amazon employee for over 5 years and things i wouldn't buy online no matter who it came from is 1. Food 2. TV's 3. Tower Gaming Computers 4. Car/Truck Tires.
    If the food item is at the Amazon warehouse we do have some control on expired foods but people need to understand that we also have Rates that Amazon Employees have to make. If you are working at 99.9% of that said rate a manager will talk to you and after 3 strikes thats it, they dont care about what it is slowing you down to check if a item is expired or not, all they care about is how fast the truck can get unloaded, then how quick the dock can get cleared for the next trailer, and it all rolls down hill from there to Stowers, Pickers, Box line and last but not least the ship dock.
    I was in a department where we do quality control called ICQA and the problem solver will go out and scan a few items around the warehouse and put in a date to see if the item is expired and if it is the item is marked as unsellable and later picked and tossed in the trash but the problem with that is you have 1 person trying to find billions of items in a 10 hour shift so we cant catch them all or even 5% of it.
    As for the TV's the reason i wouldnt buy them is because we all know that the shipping companies are kinda in the same boat for rates UPS/Fedex/DHL and how ever many other ones are out there, i can say that when the TV leaves Amazon they are 99.99% in working order and put in the trailers with care but after us who knows how they get tossed around and the same with the high end computers that normally have heavy heat sinks on the CPU and expensive GPU's in them, if I were looking for just a basic laptop I would buy that off Amazon.
    Now for Vehicle tires or a tire that is going on a family car that is going to be on the road a lot this is kinda the same thing, most tires have a 4 year life before the tire starts to go bad and drying out, no matter if its in a warehouse or not, i was a mechanic for 15 years before i decided to change over to warehouse life and every tire has a date code on it on when it was made and every tire i come across has a date on it that is 4+ years old or older, now the problem with this is that not everyone that works at amazon know's this about tires, not even most garages know this either, the only reason i know this is because i worked for a company that mostly sold Bridgestone Tires and they where the ones that told us (at the garage i worked for not amazon) that if a tire that we have in the (garage warehouse) had a date code over 4 years we have to return back to them so they could dispose of properly and got full credit for it.

  3. lmao I've been an Amazon delivery driver, customers are a lil weird with what they order. Opening a container of packages to find an exploded thing of green salsa is pretty foul. Just use instacart or something if you're rich & don't want to go to the store.

  4. How can they treat Amazon differently than Ross Ulbricht? Just blame the 3rd party?

    Dudes in jail for creating amazon before it became a big deal…

    Free country, my ass…

  5. Considering beef jerky is a dehydrated product and has a little packet to help absorb oxygen and what not, it is extremely hard to get mold. That jerky was super old

  6. So here's an opportunity for a smaller website selling such products to push out the value prop that they constantly and actively ensure products meet all federal safety guidelines and if a product gets through they will make it right. At some point, Amazon's size is going to backfire and people are going to return to small mom and pop ecommerce shops or local retailers.

  7. I'm a trash picker/recycler/Upcycler/dumpster diver. I would never put food on Amazon that I found. Actually I'd probably just leave the food. I prefer things I can turn into crafts or rescue to sell at the flea market.
    But not food. I know others do that but I don't think I could.
    No I prefer just gathering the things easily left out for curb shoppers/recyclers.

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