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Amazon Street Food in Belém – UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!


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Thanks to Guilherme ( for taking us around Brazil. #Belém #BrazilianFood #streetfood

BELÉM, BRAZIL – What an amazing city for food lovers – so many unique dishes, foods, ingredients from the Amazon, and so many amazingly friendly and hospitable people. This was one of the best days of my trip to Brazil.

Ver-o-peso Market – One this Amazonian street food tour of Belem, we started at the market, one of the must visit attractions in the city. It’s all you could want in an Amazon market – full of freshwater fish, herbs, vegetables, and fruits out of control.

Jambu Cachaça – After walking around the fish market section and seeing some of the amazingly brightly colored chilies, I was introduced to Jambu Cachaça, Brazil’s sugarcane liquor spiced up seriously with jambu – an Amazon tongue numbing flower and leaves. Wow, it’s serious.

Beef soup – 6 BRL ($.155) – We stopped an a friendly man selling Brazil nuts, and right then, a lady came around selling soups for breakfast. We had a beef soup, very hearty and delicious. I tried the jambu flower for the first time, so strong and so good. We then ate some Brazil nuts, a superfood packed with nutrition.

Fruit juice – There’s nothing like Amazon fruits and here’s the juices we tried: Cupuaçu, Cacao, Bacuri, Acerola

Box da Eliana e Kelly – And here’s where this Amazon street food tour in Brazil got out of control. Our friends in Belem had organised with Eliana, from Box da Eliana e Kelly to host us for an amazing Amazon food lunch, where all their friends at the market each cooked their speciality and brought it to the table. There was so much good food and so much love I could hardly believe it. Lots of the Belem Amazon foods contained tucupi (sauce from wild manioc), jambu flowers and leaves, and Pirarucu fish.

Thank you Eliana! None of the amazing Ladies would accept payment. Please go meet them in Belém!

Tacacá Da Diva – 4 pm is the best time in Belem to eat one of the most amazing street food in the city, and I would say one of the best street foods in Brazil – Tacacá, I still can’t believe how good it is, and how it’s not loved all over the world! We also had Vatapá. Price – 13 BRL ($3.35) per bowl

Rosário Lanches – Finally to finish this Amazon street food tour of Belem, Brazil, we went to Rosário Lanches, a legendary stall. We tried both their roasted pork let and their hot dog, both of which were incredibly delicious.

What am unforgettable day of Amazonian food in Belém, Brazil. Thank you to everyone who made it happen and to everyone for preparing the amazing food.

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  1. marcos carvalho says

    Gente, muito bom o video!
    Alguem sabe me dizer se ele come tudo isso no mesmo dia? Nao acredito ahahhhahh

  2. clayton carlos soares Soares says

    Aí sim hein ???????

  3. Chanvin Chan says

    That colorful and flavorful food of Brazil reflects a lot of their rich nature and culture

  4. [Z-era Kun] says

    in Indonesian, jambu means guava.

  5. the lorenzlife says

    Those people were so friendly and so happy to share! It’s amazing

  6. Elly Torres says

    How are you so skinny? LOL. What a nice lady.

  7. Luísa Piris says

    Mark,come to Minas Gerais.

  8. Mauro Cordova says

    Gostei de ver a Gloria Maria cuzinheira.

  9. Donald Trump says

    I didn’t know you could buy fish from Amazon ?

  10. Isabel Izzy says

    Mark is such a humble human being. I love his personality, always nice and respectful towards everyone

  11. Isabel Izzy says

    That’s what I miss from South America the diversity of their fruits and vegetables… and the pricing

  12. Mike channel says


  13. V Nha says

    I'm shook at how much this guy likes pepper

  14. Berti Mota says

    I told you the food from Para is the Best in Brazil Mark
    Honestly and thank you for visiting my place ❤️

    I left my ?

  15. Berti Mota says

    Brazilian people is very friendly
    Every where any where ?

  16. Berti Mota says

    Oh my place ???
    Yes Para
    My favourite food that I miss alot

  17. Laban Muroki says

    Are those spoons you are pulling from the pocket Mark??

  18. Jerome Johnson says

    Eliana is beautiful person , the hospitality is amazing

  19. Jerome Johnson says

    What a wonderful way of life Mark Weins

  20. George Fykaris says

    Dude looks slow af

  21. Ofélia Cruz says

    venha e, belo horizonte Minas gerais ,capital do queijo do brasil

  22. Patricia Ayong says

    It was a surprising and inspiring videos that there are beautiful people and beautiful places on earth and I wonder why I thought I had heard of many places in Brazil but not this one, why waste so much money in Venice to eat processed food why not Belem at shed 46 Donna Elianna

  23. Dennis Gomes says


  24. alberto figueroa says

    I bet you could feed this guy a hot dog from a gas station, and he would still react with" ☺️?? OOOHHH WOOOWW! This hot dog has been aged to Perfection! OH WAOW" ?? although i must say, that food looks ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

  25. shekhar cv says


  26. shekhar cv says


  27. Rawshan Iajdani says

    Close to 4 million views in just one month… you rock bro…

  28. Dee Uniqueone says

    The way he open his mouth to taste the food is phenomenal not knowing what it will taste like ??? i wonder if the food is ever bad e.g he doesn’t like the taste but he just wouldn’t say so to hurt their feelings?

  29. vanilda miria says

    Oooooooooh, tudo do Brasil é MARAVILHOSO, até Deus é brasileiro.! kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  30. Camila Mayumi says

    Brazil masters how to welcome people!!! And the north/northeast part of Br is so rich in flavor, culture and love! ?

  31. Maximiliano Ines says

    You can feel the energy. Food & love everything that makes human being appreciate life

  32. A_M_P says

    After being a fan of mark for so long and watching many videos you can already tell if he likes something or not by his facial expressions haha

  33. sahil Raghuwanshi says

    Very different cultures greetings from India we love Brazil

  34. besalightning says

    Thank you Mark, I really enjoy the way you love all the food and how you treated all the wonderful cooks. I hope to visite this place in the next future, Thanks for sharing.

  35. Agust Roestamadji says

    Obrigado Brazil

  36. Socheata Vong says

    Eliana has got to be the most beautiful person, inside and out!

  37. Ki2D TruiTT says

    Does anyone know if the guy in the green shirt and wears glasses if he is related to Mark

  38. James Brown says

    Feeling the love on this video x

  39. narendira subramaniam says

    best food show i ever seen…..good luck ,,,to the ladies…god bless

  40. Chris Richards says

    Mmmmmm, woow. I wait for it every time he takes a bite. ??

  41. nikkinolove says

    i cant picture this guy angry at all

  42. Claudia Limas says

    Everything looks so yummy thank you

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