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All the fashion you need to see from the 2020 Oscars after-parties


From Kim Kardashian West in Alexander McQueen to Lucy Boynton’s switch to Miu Miu and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent, these are all the Oscars after-party looks you need to see:

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  1. meghpink meghpink says
  2. gamble viso says

    Wow ?

  3. Jones Tom says

    Where is Palvin Barbara??? And her beautiful dress???

  4. KATH DELIGHT says

    What a pity that these very beautiful women do not wear tights under their beautiful dresses

  5. Marusia Marusia says

    why do they all look so so uncomfortable, hands are in awkward positions, whats happening??

  6. emmanuel Betancur says

    Pensé que este evento solo asistian lo mejor del séptimo arte….bueno me equivoque cualquiera con un pinche reality show ya forma parte.
    Que virus las Kardashian hasta en la sopa me encantaba la alfombra roja

  7. Inju Juan says

    Adriana Lima is my fav

  8. Kunsang Choedon says

    See!! You don't need fur or feather to look glamorous.. I think all dressed are really good and beautiful..

  9. Phemida Ivanova says

    Они вообще видят себя со стороны? Всё нелепо. Вещи на один раз.

  10. Serena Rossi says

    Wow, that last dress Is wonderful !

  11. Maya Swari says

    Kylie somehow looks very unbalanced and artificial

  12. Vanessa CM says

    Isnt hate but what Kaylie G has to do there. ?

  13. Conspiración 2020 says

    All transgenders

  14. Barbarellla says

    Kylie Jenner with her sister's big fake ass makes me so sad. Why the rest od the women in the world can have normal bodies and the Kardashians make all things weird and creepy "sexy"…

  15. Nastulchik says
  16. Aisea Konrote says

    Great to see designs from Zuhair Murad n Elie Saad .

    This event has more Elegant n Sophisticated Gowns . …then at the Oscars.

  17. da broncobabe says

    Natalie Dormer needs to fire her makeup artist for using the wrong foundation color…

  18. Kimberly Robinson says

    I think Lily Aldridge looked the best of the night. Both her red carpet and after-party dresses were gorgeous. For me, I thought this year if Oscar fashions was disappointing, overall. I didn’t like most of the gowns. People made such strange choices and many of those dresses didn’t look like you could move in them. They seemed very uncomfortable. How can you enjoy a party when you can’t even sit properly or take a deep breath because you’re entombed in fabric?

  19. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    Muy bello

  20. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    Designers tickled pink, Brazil’s, exquisites design and color great start 2020

  21. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    The bellas of the ball, Oscar 2020????

  22. Fernando says

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (the bomb)…..Ella Balinska (gorgeous young)…..Chrissy Teigen (grandmas towels)….. Kylie Jenner (no comment)

  23. I AM OCEANIC says

    It's not just the dress but how they wear and present it, I think Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Charlize Theron are my favorites for this time

  24. Anna Anna says

    Frieda Pinto's dress is absolutely incredible!

  25. Normi Sant says

    What a circus! All of these people would be much more beautiful without the show!

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