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All Access DeMatha Catholic High School Basketball Practice


featuring Mike Jones, DeMatha Catholic High School Head Coach;
with Alan Stein, DeMatha High School Head Strength & Conditioning coach
Mike Jones and Alan Stein bring to you an all access look at the DeMatha basketball program. Coach Jones, a former DeMatha player and assistant coach under basketball Hall of Famer Morgan Wootten, shows why DeMatha is one of the top high school basketball programs in the nation.

Alan Stein takes the players through their daily pre-practice warm-up exercises on the court. The warm-up drills incorporate basketball specific movements and include a series of dynamic flexibility exercises to prepare players for the cutting, jumping and landing that basketball practices and games require.

Add accountability and competitiveness to every drill you do! With this philosophy at the forefront, Coach Jones starts practice with aggressive full court drills that include a time goal for accountability.

To teach his pressure defensive philosophy, Jones uses transition defense drills, half court star close outs, and K-State defensive drills to get his players to think and react in the correct movements and rotations on defense. Within all of his drills he wants to have perfect execution mentally and physically as well as sharp cuts, passes and correct basketball movement.

Coach Jones reveals his philosophy on how to attack half court and full court man-to-man defense, his zone offenses against a 2-3 zone and a 1-3-1 zone and special situation baseline out of bounds plays and side line out of bounds plays.

Jones likes to use a lot of ball screens and back screens to put the defense into a disadvantage and get great angles to look at high/low entries into the post. He also believes in using motion continuity principles that include back screens and flex cuts to get quick scoring lay-ups.

Within his zone offensive package Jones uses a lot of spacing and flashing movements in order to move the basketball in the right spots against any zone defense they play against. You will get insights from Jones’ philosophy on how great teams always find a way to win close basketball games by using well-executed offensive tactics to get the basketball in the right position.

Coach Jones demonstrates his philosophy of playing high intensity pressure basketball in the half and full court. Learn to attack the basketball in the full-court, put pressure the ball handler and take your opponent out of his rhythm. Take options away from the offense by denying passing lanes and rotating to help side on all dribble penetration. See drills that will help your players understand these defensive principles such as stance, overplay, help and recover, defensive transition and rebounding.

As a bonus Jones provides a complete breakdown of his lane 1-3-1 zone defense.

Strength and Conditioning
Coach Stein meets with the players after practice and goes through a 30 minute in-season training workout to maintain and strengthen the players’ cores, legs and upper body. All of these exercises work basketball muscles and help your athletes avoid a season-ending injury.

This is a complete package for basketball coaches: offense, defense, drills, warm-ups and conditioning delivered by a championship-caliber coach.

334 minutes. (3 DVDs). 2011. DVD.

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