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All 10 Candidates Support Giving Government Run Health Care To Illegal Immigrants


All 10 candidates raised their hand in support of giving government-run health care to illegal immigrants during the Democratic primary debate. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video.

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  1. GOP War Room says

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  2. Ethan Michell says

    These are the enemies of the people. All bought to foreign/selfish interests.

  3. Larry McGregor says

    And the idiots in the room cheer . "We too dumb to know where that money will come from " ??

  4. willieboy3011 Jonas says

    After Democrat debates last night, Democrats all raised their hands to force US legal citizens to pay for illegal immigrant's healthcare, while taking away 155 million legal Americans private healthcare insurance. And they actually want us to vote for them?

  5. Sha says

    This is what insanity looks like…. the whole of the third world will be inside our borders

  6. Donald Lindquist says

    good let these 10 pay for the illegals

  7. nuggistrike says

    It was this moment democrat know they fuckt up !

  8. Big AL says

    I know repubs freak out over health care for immigrants, but the facts are they are here, they live among us, they sit next to your children at schools, they sit next to your children in the cafeteria, they shop at the same grocery stores you do,  you've seen people pick up a cantaloupe for freshness and put it back to check another one, they pick up a bunch of bananas to see if they are fresh, they are touching things in our grocery stores, shopping in out stores, eating in our restaurants, serving us food in restaurants….don't you want them to be HEALTHY among us, since they are here now?

  9. john walker says

    Why stop there? Let’s give them the food off our tables, the jobs, the clothes off our backs….oh wait, we already do!

  10. Sergio Jokanov says

    This should end their chances in 2020. But in today's America, it could actually help them. God help us.

  11. Anglomik says

    What kind of a freakin' fool would clap & hoop it up for such insanity? The left are brainless twits.

  12. Lost Snowflake says

    Illegal means illegal, the demotards are disgusting they should be charged with treason. People don't vote democrap they will destroy America they want to give away everything to other countries not our country

  13. sun dial says

    Sheer madness , Democrats love affair with illegal migrants and criminals will guarantee a Trump win . 🙄

  14. Sebastian Ortega says

    Throw them all in jail forever

  15. Rachael says

    Really, me and my son don't have coverage and it scares me especially since this month I have a skin issue and it makes me feel doomed, I fear a very bad feeling of cancer. How about my sustainability for my child?
    We can't fix the world's problems by over taxing us citizens and stealing our community resources CONGRESS. You FAILED the job and usher in more problems. For once, be careful about how vulnerable our own sustainability is.
    Enough of the circus you call CONGRESS

  16. Kevin Roach says

    They hate America. I thought nobody is above the law.

  17. RC says

    God Bless the waitress who spat on Eric Trump, you have a job at my restaurant anytime🙏🇺🇸

  18. foulpotato says

    This will bite them in the ass in the general.

  19. Dan Healey says

    there ''f'ing nut's are we to take care of the world???..NO… IS THE ANSWER

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