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Alan Turing: Crash Course Computer Science #15


Today we’re going to take a step back from programming and discuss the person who formulated many of the theoretical concepts that underlie modern computation – the father of computer science himself: Alan Turing. Now normally we try to avoid “Great Man” history in Crash Course because truthfully all milestones in humanity are much more complex than just an individual or through a single lens – but for Turing we are going to make an exception. From his theoretical Turing Machine and work on the Bombe to break Nazi Enigma codes during World War II, to his contributions in the field of Artificial Intelligence (before it was even called that), Alan Turing helped inspire the first generation of computer scientists – despite a life tragically cut short.

Special thanks to Contributing Writer Robert Xiao whom we should have (and forgot) to include in the credits. His help with this episode was invaluable.

Ps. Have you had the chance to play the Grace Hopper game we made in episode 12. Check it out here!

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  1. Joel Campos says

    Half Life 3 is real!

  2. nishanth v says

    He's not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed

  3. Thomas Zhao says

    great stuff but could you not add to the complexity of computer science by speaking so rapidly?

  4. Luke Sparrow says

    Jesus woman, slow down!

  5. Matthew Ascough says

    this sucks

  6. Shaman says

    5:02 & 5:15
    So, an interpreter?

  7. Nachannachle says

    Mr Turing was yet another victim of the bigotry and patronising BS from the majority of normies. Just like Mr Boltzmann in Physics.

  8. georgysb says

    10:00 What?? Enigma decoding shortened the war by years? Seriously?? Let me ask HOW?!
    It maybe to some extent reduced British losses on water and in the air, but the war outcome has been decided on land at Eastern front.

  9. Calo Zheng says

    Ok. Who did the subtitles and put "Hi, I'm KERRY ANN"

  10. 视频极简 says

    Hi, Crash. I am from China. Lots of student like your videos. But you know that Lots of people can not visit Google and YouTube. May I download your videoes and add Chinese subtitle then publish these videos in China.If the videos bring in any revenue. I will give you.I want your permission. My Gmail is Suganzhang123@gmail.com.Thanks

  11. Amy Amy says

    Say endl would either say yes or no.

  12. Aee Bee Cee says

    so for the Turing machine, this device has at least 2 memory modules the state and the infinity long tape, read write head, and processing rules module associating with 2 memory modules.

  13. Aee Bee Cee says

    Humanity nature have been designing for living and reproduction their own gene, not to accept the fact that humanity’s future is death.
    Humanity’s intelligent is a natural selection designed Turing machine.
    — original from AeeBeeCee read psychology books, I don’t know where is it original from either and lazy to find out, sorry :/

  14. Aee Bee Cee says

    what is king’s college of cambridge?

  15. Rithvik Muthyalapati says

    He single-handedly decrypted the German communications code. What a WW2 hero.

  16. CheTranqui says

    love all the side-quips. It's great to see that you enjoy the topic that you're teaching. 🙂

  17. suraj learner says

    so it is proved the so-called nation who claims to be open-minded killed the best mathematician…. while in India we have homosexual god and goddesses dated way back than 5000 years ago.

  18. Salamander says

    It hurts my heart to think of how the world was robbed of such an intelligent man for such idiotic reasons

  19. Cheesy Helmet says

    Can you speak slower you daft cow ?

  20. Jainish Pandya says

    I can not understand why they call bizzaro a turing machine because it totally reversed the answer and in that way answers always become paradox IF ANYONE KNOW ABOUT IT THEN PLSSS EXPLAIN

  21. Joe Joe says

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can explain how a microwave is Turing complete? Is it because it can receive inputs and change state? I thought I understood the idea of a Turing completeness but now I'm not so sure.

  22. KFC Advocate says

    2:38 ew wtf is that beverage

  23. Eva Gomez says


  24. Azhy NH says

    I'm not trying to underestimate how cruel was to punish him for being gay but it has more into it than just being gay. They simply wanted to get rid of him because of his secret knowledge of the government and decrypt any hidden messages from authorities. They needed him to share his idea and once he did they bullied him like many other scientists in history to be vanished.

  25. Kulbir Sangwan says

    How you can speak so fast.

  26. Maldus Alver says

    The thing about the Turing Test is a machine that can pass it can never fail, where as myself as a human can chose to fail the Turing Test. Give me one right now and I will fail it, give me the same test and I can show that I can pass it, thus proving I am human. Where as a computer program that can pass a turrong test cannot chose to fail, thus failing at imitating human responses where as one that couldn't pass the test simple fails.

  27. deepak kiran says

    "Of course the German military wasn't sharing their enigma settings on social media". That was hilarious.

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